Friday, August 07, 2009

A New Blogging Challenge: Photographing Fairies.

Everyone said photographing butterflies was pretty challenging.

Actually it isn't all that hard.

I've moved on to photographing fairies now.
Oh, they are out there you know.
You just have to look for a spot that looks "fairy-ish" and have your camera at the ready.

(And hope the cats don't get to them first. Or the other way around. I think I've met a few cats that have had fairy run-ins. Hoo boy.)

Anyone else out there photographing fairies these days?

Please let me know if you are...let's compare our fairies and see if they all look alike!


Vicki said...

How cute! I'll be watching for fairies now...wherever I go!

running wildly said...

I guess my pictures could be fairy-ish. I had the tulle, just no wings.