Thursday, August 06, 2009

Me and B. and Bee...

Thursday was different around here.
There was a huge cold front heading our way, which caused 60 mile per hour wind gusts downtown. I went outside, not knowing what was going on and nearly got knocked over!
The sky was white, with no clouds, just high dust, and leaves sailing by.
The temperature outside was 96 degrees...with 14% humidity.

So naturally we went to see a baseball game.

As we were leaving for the game, our surgeon next door neighbor was walking her toddler and dog. We chatted with her, and told her where we were headed.
She said she was on call tonight so be careful at the game.

We drove to the game wondering what could possibly happen at a baseball game that could possibly be dangerous. (cue the low scary cello music sounds....)

B.'s company was going to the game; this event had been planned weeks ago.
The team is in the triple A league, and feeds the LA Angels pro team.
Currently our team is the division leader!
Talk about fun!
This is going to be great!

How cute is this!
A Tee ball team on the field!
Each child stepped up to the mike, said his or her name, and number, then jogged to take a place on the field.
The little guy sucking his thumb couldn't have been much older than three.

The little girls got the giggles, gave their names twice...basically all of them were channeling Goldie Hawn from Laugh-In.
Yeah, and we were pretty cute too....Love my B.

I did mention that the team is the Salt Lake City Bees didn't I?
Love this Bee too!

More fun: They played Elvis film clips and then had a live Elvis impersonator singing in the stands.
I kinda wished we were with the people having picnics on the lawn.
My corn dog was pretty good though.
(Isn't the smell of ball park food wonderful?)
As it turns out, our seats were situated such that a foul ball could easily whack you.
One foul resulted in the ball AND the bat sailing up to the concession stands.
Hmmm...I guess the next door neighbor doctor lady knew what she was talking about.
You can see Elvis singing to the crowd...he's the white clad X like figure behind home plate.
Around nine o'clock some of the field lights went out suddenly.
And we could smell smoke really strongly too.
There were fire truck sirens...after that we decided to call it a night.
The Bees were ahead too!
We don't know what was going on at the stadium, but around SLC a billboard had been blown onto a major highway, and a wild fire was burning across the same highway elsewhere.
Once I got home I checked the local news on the Internet and learned about those situations.
But the most interesting bit of SLC news was linked to here.
Like I has been different around here.
I'm just glad that all the horrible possibilities and events didn't bother us.
We actually have had a pretty great day!


Sara said...

Eeeuw! - I read that link. Sure hope your cute little fairies don't get eaten by any 8-foot snakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, sounds and looks like you had a really fun time. I love going to the ball park stadium when we visit family in Kansas. There is just nothing like it...we try to make it a 'must do' when we visit. Sounds like SLC does it right too. Your salad idea on MGCC blog looks fantastic. We are heading out to meet T&L at the same camp spot where you were our honored guest for the day...was that already 2 years ago? Why don't you and B head out and join us. Such a fun idea! We both have trailers now that have a guest bed:) Kathy

Gotta Garden said...

What a day you had! I followed the link and thought that was hysterical about the snake! Oh my. I would totally lose it, I think, if I saw that in my driveway.

Anyway, reminds me that my DH wants to go see the Nats in their new stadium (we haven't been...can you believe that), so maybe I should give Also, many fond memories of my daughter as little girl eating her way through minor league ball games in CA...and always ready to go home as soon as her stomach was full!

Love your adorable new grand-kitty!

Vicki said...

Wow...what a day! Just the kind of day that leaves me feeling uneasy for a long time. have pythons, too? Have you been hearing the news about the python invasion of Florida? They're even hunting (and killing) them legally, ever since that toddler was killed by one a couple of weeks ago. Eeewww...just hope I don't see one.

Lovella ♥ said...

Saw the link .. .eww.
You and your B do have tons of fun. The baseball looked ever so American! I could nearly smell the baseball stadium food.