Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ready for a new Constitution?

I was shocked last week to discover that there are 30 states that have called for a Constitutional Convention, the first such "Con Con" since 1787.

Only two more states need to call for such a Convention and just like that...our US Constitution will be subject to being re-written, presumably to reflect "modern" mores.

Just thinking about that gives me an absolutely sick inside feeling that makes me want to go hide.

I am posting a link so at you will know what is going on.

God help us, God save us....oh, let us continue to say "In God We Trust" as a nation.


Judy said...

Yikes...it seems we are always in for one political surprise or another! And in most cases there is not much we can do...but pray.

Julie said...

Ohhh !! this cannot be! Some things are just not open for change!
Your constitution was prayfully written by men who believed in God and His Word.... what has changed that this no longer works??
Ohh.. may God have mercy on your great nation!!

Vicki said...

This really has me feeling sick to my stomach. I can only echo what Julie said...and pray...I will continue to pray.