Saturday, December 20, 2008


Julie tagged me with a Meme: find the fourth picture file on your computer and the fourth picture, then tell about it.

A couple of years ago DD Laura and my MIL Barbara and I went to Scotland for a week. The picture was taken in Edinburgh Castle, in late Feb.

While most people would avoid going to Scotland in winter, I liked it very much. And I LOVED having the three of us together, noodling around Scotland, enjoying seeing kilt wearing gents in the grocery stores, stags along side the roadway, castles and century old cemeteries, snow covered mountains and lakes. And yes, I did try haggis.

I wonder if anyone else out in blogland have ever traveled with their daughter and MIL to a foreign country?

As part of the Meme, I am supposed to tag others to do the same. If the idea appeals to you, or if you are curious about what picture would be the fourth one in your fourth file, consider yourself tagged!
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time we had in Scotland!! It would be so nice to be able to go again, but be able to stay a bit longer, also, maybe a little later in the year. Thanks for recalling the memory to my mind. Love mom S.

Janel said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I love my MIL dearly. I think it would be a grand trip!

I played along. :) here

Vicki said...

Nice! Scotland is one of the places to visit on our list. Perhaps someday we'll go. Probably not in the winter, though, but I'm not saying 'never!'

I played, too.

Lovella said...

What a great picture. . .and what a wonderful adventure you had with two of your close women in your life. . .I have never done something like that. .except of course my short excursion to the states to shop .. .that is a foreign land. . .and it was with women. .

Julie said...

What a neat pic! and a very special memory.

No..I have never traveled with my daughter and MIL but I think it is a wonderful thing to do !

Sara said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to see Scotland....good for you. I wish I had a daughter and a mother in law to do such a thing with!