Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas from long ago

Judging from the angel on my dresser, I think this was probably Christmas morning. Or possibly just me showing off as a toddler that now I was old enough to climb out of my crib at will!
I remember how much fun it was to do that, and that dresser with the pink wooden knobs. Not surprisingly, there was a huge stack of books next to my bed even then!
Funny how some things never change.

I'm thinking this was a year later...and while my brother Carl got a hot new red hot rod, I got triplet baby dolls to play with, and a stroller too.


No wonder I always felt so overwhelmed when I used to go to play with my dollies. All three of them wouldn't fit into the stroller, and I couldn't just leave one of them behind...oh the dilemma, oh the stress for one so young as I!

I vividly recall dressing my dolls in pjs at night and tucking them in, and in the morning dressing them again, and feeding them bottles that made them wet (some bottles had "magical" insides that made the milk or orange juice disappear as when you tipped the bottle upside down. Much better really. That feed-and-soaked routine got real old after a time or two.)

Weekly or there abouts I would give the dolls a bath, and it would take forever to get the water out of their bodies. I would wash their hair, and dry their eyes carefully as I had discovered the "Tiny Tears" doll eyes would rust if let damp.

Occasionally I would wash their clothes, and iron them too with a little iron that warmed up a bit.

I'd take the dolls to tea parties, and seriously enjoyed their wardrobes that my grandmother had sewn for them.

But secretly...most days?

I actually looked forward to when I could put them back down for their naps. I'd cover them up in various cradles and playpens and what not, as eventually I think I had at least a dozen dollies, and not nearly enough beds.

Then I would pull the curtains and quietly tip toe out of my room, and head outside to PLAY.

(Again...funny how somethings never change. That was exactly what it felt like later when I had real babies to tend!)

Baby doll daughter Laura will be in San Diego for Christmas with our parents, and baby boy Jeff will be hosting us for a tamale dinner tonight. The boys headed out for a morning of skiing; we'll got to an afternoon church service, then go to the mountains to watch torch skiing and carols, then attend a bell choir performance at 11 pm (if I am still awake!)

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

Take lots of pictures, OK?

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Lovella said...

Okay .. .I will take lots of pictures.
Jill, I loved the memory pictures and the stories of you caring for your dollies. . .and yes, we would have been fantastic next door neighbor girls. .I'm sure.
I find myself tip toeing out of the room again .. .such joy.
Happy Christmas to you my friend .. . many many blessings . .

Lin said...

Oh, my goodness! I had the same to pictures over my dresser in the same position until high school. My bed was straight across the room. I wouldn't let go of them.

And I had Tiny Tears as well. I had other dolls, but I never played with them...only Tiny Tears. She was special since I drew a heart on her chest and made her mine.

My biggest desire was a toy car, which I finally talked an aunt into getting finally for Christmas one year. She bucked the whole family and actually got me one! Everyone acted like it was so shameful for a girl to want a car!

I never got into the naptime routine with my dolls, since most ended up in a corner of my closet. I played with the metal dollhouse that had been my Mom's, but the dolls had movable joints and real furniture. The dollhouse was so much more fun.

Barbies came later, but we got one Barbie doll and interchangeable wardrobe. I never enjoyed it, even though I had a full collection. I think my brother played more with the Barbie and Ken than I did.

Yep, I was hooked on Tiny Tears. I actually got more out of painting pictures on the sidewalk with flower blossoms...or taking a hammer to smash rocks until they were dust...or running a magnet through dirt over and over...or digging a hole with a spoon to make a tunnel to China. This was real play to me.

Merry Christmas, Jill. Enjoy your Hannukah as well. And God bless you!

Vicki said...

Pictures...uh, I'll try...

I only had one doll that I ever played with much, whereas my younger-by-16-months sister had quite a few. I was such a tomboy - I lived outdoors on my bicycle or up in a tree as high as I could climb. When I did have to stay inside to play, it was usually with my extensive Barbie Doll collection, and they were all dressed up in their Superhero clothes! GI Joe even joined in the fun!

Your Christmas plans sound like fun! Try to stay awake for the evening performance - it sounds great!

Have a wondeful, blessed Christmas, Jill, and perhaps by next Christmas we'll BOTH be in our "new" homes!

Anonymous said...

OK...lots and lots of pictures coming up...

Dawn said...

Of course!!!
What a cute patootie you were.
Enjoy a special Christmas.
Blessings on you.

Islandsparrow said...

Awww - what a sweet little smile!! Hope you have a joy-filled Christmas with your loved ones!

Becky said...

You were so cute as a child! And obviously, tall from the start! With asperations of becoming even taller as you proudly stood on your dresser! :) I hope that your day today is wonderfully blessed with the peace, and joy that can really only be found in Christ! Here's a hug from me today!

Jennifer Zander said...

Merry Christmas morning to all!

Oh, those pix do bring back memories. I was a great one for crawling out of my crib too!
I did not have a Tiny Tears doll, just a regular doll with long blond hair. Mom let me use her doll buggy from when she was a child (she still has it). When I was bigger I was given a beautiful big bride doll with short blond hair; she looked like you, Jill, in your beautiful bridal gown a wee32 years ago. Oh, by the way, Happy Belated Anniversary!
It's still snowing, but icier today. We will go back to Geff's parents today after we open our presents from Santa here.
Received a nice card and note from your mom and dad. I didn't do cards this year, so, if they read this -- Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. and Mrs. D!
Estelle and Jim had their power go out last night at their farm. Geff just left to go attempt to take them our generator. They are about 25 miles north of us.

Take care, my friend.
My email is:


running wildly said...

Merry Christmas Jill! I hope you are blessed this Christmas season. Thanks for our unique blogging friendship.

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

I hope you've enjoyed a happy Christmas, and I wish you all the best for the new year that's around the corner!