Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Travelogue: San Diego day 3

Sunday July 20, 2008
The day began quietly.
The skies were overcast, as usual, and coming down the hallway, I could see my dad out in the yard, reading the paper while he had a cup of coffee and watched his cat.

It is good to be retired and to enjoy a relaxed start to each day. It is especially good to be able to enjoy time in the garden with Dad, starting the day together over our coffee and newspaper articles.
That morning, while Dad read, I peeked around the garden to see what I could see.

The tomatoes were coming along nicely.

A few late blooming larkspur showed off a lovely color scheme.
An up close look revealed a soft fur like edge to the inner petals.
My MIL has grown billows of larkspur lately, and passed along the seeds to my dad. Since it is July's birth flower, it is especially nice to have blooming around Laura's birthday.

Dad's flame point Siamese cat Rufus is quite a handful. He looks all mild and innocent, but he will jump a fence in a heart beat. This tendency has given Dad a mission in life: to put up wire fencing around the top of the wooden fence, and to chop down plants that Rufus might use in his escapes. The cat laughs at this....and is found up on the neighbor's roof anyway.

A few berries are still ripening. They are more of a late June treat.
But it is always worthwhile to peer thorough the brambly vines to chance upon a late comer.

Rufus rolls in the strawberry patch, squirming and getting completely covered in dirt.
Up close a lobelia blossom's fleur de lis glows like a sapphire garden gem.
The morning is soft and quiet, and a drowsy sort of soft coolness lulled me into quiet revere.

I think I began to dream.

Somehow it became the 1920's...

There were old biplanes....

And a convict....and I was wearing a flapper dress!

Men dressed like gangsters were hanging around....

Women in fishnet stockings....

With feather boas and long cigarette holders. Even the phones were old fashioned.

And there was a birthday cake...

And a boardwalk.

Some of the dream was in color.
Where ever did I get that huge snow cone?
And why?
Dreams are so strange at times...

You find yourself doing things in dreams that you know you would NEVER do in real life....
It was such an amazing dream.
Laura was in it, and my folks, and a whole bunch of other people.
And people kept saying Laura was turning thirty, and that she was saying good bye to her 20's.
That's how I knew it was all a dream.
I mean really, everyone knows I am much too young to have a daughter is who thirty years old!
(You can see the rest of Laura's Farewell to the Twenties party at this previous post.)


Lovella said...

Oh such a creative post Jill.
Your dream pictures in black and white were wonderful. You are far too young to have a daughter turning 30. . I'm getting close to that milestone myself. . next year I'll be moaning and groaning at a son turning 30.
I thought of you too today .. about Laura, and your parents wondering if they felt the earthqauke a bit.

Vicki said...

How cute and clever, Jill! I agree, it's not possible that you have a 30-year-old daughter. Strange, strange dreams.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed each segment of your travel blog and the pictures are wonderful. You and Laura could be sisters. You're looking great. I know the feeling of facing the realities of the age of our children. Not always easy, but for me, facing myself in the mirror says it all. We felt the tremor a little here, but were hoping the quake was not too devastating wherever it was centered. Thinking of you. Love mom S.

Sara said...

That was fun....what interesting dreams you have!

Miss Janey said...

Great post. Love the garden and the b&w photos.

Lovella said...

okay .. I'm looking at the pictures again and really wish I had been at this party. . so fun.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous party! You really know how to do it right! What a great sport your Dad was. You looked awsome in that dress! Happy Birthday Laura. Wishing you Dad all the best too. Looks like he loves his cat and his cat loves him. We have spent time on holidays in La Jola and enjoyed it so much. The beaches are so nice. Kathy