Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farewell to the Twenties!

Surprise! I'm in San Diego right now.
The reason?
To visit family (I haven't been "home" in over a year and a half), but mostly to celebrate Laura turning 30!

Before we can celebrate her turning thirty next Tuesday, (July 22nd) we first must say farewell to her twenties.

If you've ever read Laura's blog "It's good to be me!" you know that she knows how to throw a party for a friend like you would not believe.

Now it was time for a party for herself.

First off was a four hour brunch at a local restaurant on the edge of small air field.

The 94th Aero Squadron restaurant has a WWI theme, which is pretty close to being 1920.

Here's the front of the restaurant.
Next you invite all your friends to come join you through out the 20's style dress.
Laura's aunt made her dress; Laura's friend Margo (in the black outfit behind Laura) made her own outfit. The normally brunette Margo helped Laura plan the event, and she herself had just had her 30th party with the theme "Paint the Town Red.

The girl with the purple boa is named Heather. She graduated from UT Arlington with Laura, and now the two of them both work for San Diego Hospice, Heather in pediatric and Laura in hospital liaison.
Both of them love life and celebrate life daily.
That's Heather's husband David next to her; he is in medical research. Laura was part of their wedding last fall.
Crystal is next to me in the cloche; you might remember her from the blog where I asked people to vote on which hat she should wear to a wedding.
She is now totally hooked on hats.
Smart girl!

Mom and Dad and I rented our costumes. I really loved Mom's; Dad's got a load of comments, and the fact he carried that pick ax around was a hoot.

It was a champagne brunch, and boy did we enjoy the bubbly.

Later two other friends from work dropped by too.
I liked Mom's headache band's feather. Very classy!

After brunch the party moved down to the beach area, to Mission Beach. The Mustang convertible was rented by the girls as a surprise to Laura.

Crystal was our getaway driver.
The Big Dipper rollercoaster in Mission Beach was built in 1926, so of course taking a ride on it had to be part of saying farewell to one's 20's.
My parent's rode it back when they were kids....
Amazingly, we got parking right up in front!
And folks had told us it just couldn't be done on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon.
Yup, that's Laura up there with her arms up.

I like merry-go-rounds, so we saddled up for a spin there too.

Yes, we got "spoken to" about staying seated.
We are always in trouble, but it is worth it to have fun.

It was quite gratifying to be driving around in a muscle car convertible while in costume.
Laura enjoyed yelling out that it was her birthday at every corner we drove around.

After the amusement park we headed downtown to the Courtyard Marriott hotel. It is built inside an old bank that opened in 1928; the bank vault is still there, and can be toured!

Love the old style building.
Even the ceiling was great!

At the hotel more guests arrived. A gangster....

And his moll.

Surrounded by candies created in the 1920s, we played a four hour long Murder Mystery Game.
It turned out that Laura was the player who did the dastardly deed!
The whole day was the perfect way to say good bye to one's 20's.
Laura really had a great time during those years: she graduated from college, started her nursing career, visited all 50 states, lived in Hawaii, Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake, San Diego, and Houston, bought a brand new car, traveled to Scotland, Mexico, Canada, and Sweden, wrote a novel, jumped out of an airplane, got engaged, planned a wedding, then ditched the guy just in the nick of time.
Those were some really crazy years.
Can't wait to see what she does in her thirties.
Whatever it is, I'm with her and behind her all the way.
I've put more pictures of the day in a slide show that you can enjoy by clicking here.
Wish you could of been here too!


Vicki said...

How cute and clever! I love all the costumes! What a great way to celebrate the end of the 20s. went driving around in a Shelby?!! Impressive!

Marg said...

You sure know how to party.
Isn't that awesome celebrating life with our daughters?
I've got two beautiful daughters that are professionals and I love hanging out with them when they have time.
I know who I'll come to next time I need a party suggestion.

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Happy Birthday to Laura!!

What fun you all's a pleasure to know you...Awesome Party Day!

Jeff Spriggs said...

Wow what a great party! Everyone looks so good in their costumes. Well done. I'm glad Laura had a great time, I can't wait to hear the stories.


Anonymous said...

You all really rang the bell with this one! Know that my heart was with you all. You wouldnt want my body right is not pretty..Love you all. B

Miss Janey said...

WOW! That's some livin'!

Looks like a greaet celebration of a fabulous life.

Lovella said...

Ah what a fantastic party. I love all the costuming. Such a grand way to say goodbye to the twenties. Laura deserves this celebration .. and I wish her many many blessings in the next 30. . .woo hoo.

Gertrud said...

I am sooo jealous! You guys look absolutely fabulous! I am so happy that Laura had such a good day with such good friends.

Sara said...

That is what I call a celebration! What fun! And you say you still have more celebrating to do? Wow.

Happy 30th, Laura!

Julie said...

Happy Birthdy to Laura!
What a party ! I've never seen anything like it !
I guess I'm 'boring' - smile
Laura did more in her twenties than most people do in life time !
What's left to mark her 30's ? From what I have seen of who Laura is ... her 30's will not be 'boring'.
I wish her a 'merry go-round' decade!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...


Rich said...

That looks like an awesome party! I love the costumes!! And hats of course! lol A very Happy and belated Birthday to Lauren!

Oh Hat Lady with awesome hats, I would love to have you be part of this if you would. :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your actual birthday pictures.

running wildly said...

OH my goodness, Jill. Soooo brilliant. I love the 20's theme. Honestly, I never would have thought to do that because I'd assume the costumes would be too hard to find. But you guys all looked amazing. I love the shots of you and Laura posing on the carousel horses.

I think the relationship between you & Laura is worth envying.