Friday, July 25, 2008

House for Sale, California Style

I'm back from San Diego now, and I have loads of great pictures to share, but not enough time or energy at the moment to post them just yet.
It was a great trip, with visits to the seashore, art galleries, gardens, and of course the actual 30th birthday party.

So until I can get the rest of the pictures ready, here's something to make you shake your head and wonder about what is real and what is not. What exactly should a quarter of million dollar house look like anyway?

As you know if you read my post about putting our house on the market, our house is priced at $269,000. So when Laura and I were driving to the La Mesa/Spring Valley area of San Diego, we had to stop and take a picture of what you could buy there for ten thousand dollars less than my house in Texas.

A cute neat little house.
Here's the front.

Here's the side and the garage....

Now let's check out the neighborhood.....the house next door for instance.


And this IS the neighborhood.
I know...never buy the best house in the neighborhood, so I guess this particular house is a no go!

I'll be back later with pretty pictures, I promise.


Janitha said...

No wonder people move out from San Diego. Unfortunately just for that reason... :-(

Sara said...

Well, I was shocked to see such a low price for a house in Southern California....but then I saw the neighborhood! That explains it!

Your house would sell here for at least $600,000 even on today's market....that's my opinion anyway!

BumbleVee said...

Yikes!! and I thought I had trashy neighbours... how would anybody be able to sell at all unless they first bought the shack as well and dozed it...