Thursday, June 12, 2008

Here we go again....

Wherever Bernie is perching...

Our two cats are also perching.

Which would normally be fine, except right now, right outside the office window...

These two mockingbirds are also perching.
And they DO NOT like having two cats looking out the window at their tree!

The birds spend ALL yesterday afternoon bouncing around the tree, squawking cheet chee-t cheekk-up
at the two cats, who frankly couldn't have cared less.

It was a long, long noisy afternoon.
I think I will encourage the three guys (Bernie, Tiggie and Hart) to take the laptop into some other room this afternoon, and give those poor birds a break.
Even if they don't need one, I certainly do.
Gads those birds are loud!


Vicki said...

That's so funny! Yes, indeed, mockingbirds are incredibly noisy, and almost as annoying as those horrible crows that hang around.

Spooky said...

Can I come over and perch with the guys, too?

Lovella said...

Hmmm, do those cats have any inclination to move to slighly bigger mice? Mice. . mole. . same deal. Oh they could have fun here.

Elizabeth said...

What I need to know is where you get the nice slim waist to wear the wide piece of lace!
I loved the smocked dress too - ah youth!
Poor you, a colonoscopy is no fun. I had one last year and hope to avoid another. The procedure was fine - but the prep.......horrors!