Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fashion as Diversion

I try never to look while someone is jabbing me with a needle.
Yesterday while the nurse was busy missing my vein on the first try, I was busy keeping my mind and eyes occupied with looking at the fashions in one of last April's fashion magazines.

Is this a yummy corset or what??? Just wide black piece of lace wrapped around a cotton sundress, then tied on with a ribbon.
Fresh and glam all at once.
Must find out when you can get lace that is that wide!

Then there was this amazing dress. Smocking for grown up girls.
Isn't it lovely to see dresses with such amazing details?
Wouldn't this be incredible on a wedding dress?
And those sleeves...can they be dropped to make this an all season frock?
I am in love with this design!

(The needle stick was because I had my colonoscopy done yesterday; all is well! Or at least the injury is healing well.
It was necessary to put me under while the scope was being done, which of course meant having an IV inserted in a vein. I am a "hard stick", that is to say, it is rare that the medical personnel hits a vein on me on the first try.
I try never to look while all this jabbing is going on.
This time I paged through an old magazine.
It worked, I hardly felt a thing.)


Lovella said...

Oh the dresses are in fact quite lovely. I'm with you. . never look. . but to have the sense to search a magazine. .never thought of that. .
I'm so glad that all is well.

Anonymous said...

Looking at fashion mags sounds like a good distraction When getting probed by needles. I have the same difficulty so must remember that. Hope you are all done with that! We are enjoying Laura so much and she is a big help in meal planning, since she offers good suggestions. We are thinking of you both and you are in our prayers. Love, Mom S

Vicki said...

I still don't look when someone is jabbing me with a needle, even though I've been a regular blood donor since I was 20. In fact, on each arm, there is a small "crater" where I have been stuck repeatedly all these years - the phlebotomist is thrilled when he/she sees that.

I really like that black lace...and the smocking, too. We short gals with a little extra weight simply can't wear that look. :(

Lin said...

I just can't believe you actually could page through a magazine! I am one of those that has to close my eyes, grimace, wince, tighten up all over and make it even worse for everyone.

I love the wide lace ribbon. Now, that is what I call style. It is the subtle look; the minimal look that gives the maximal effect.

Kate said...

Glad to hear that you are healing well. LOVE that lace look and I know just where you can get some - St. Gallen, Switzerland, or out of my trunk here. It's probably 2 pieces sewn together under that ribbon. Love the smocked look too. Thanks for sharing these!
Kate Q:-)

Sara said...

You are brave! They always find my veins on the first try, but when my son was 10 or 11 he had surgery and it took several attempts to find the vein for the anesthetic; he was yelling and screaming, and I almost fainted...

Love the black lace on the white dress. The smocking is certainly unique; I wonder how it looks after having been pressed against the backs of chairs, or does one sit ramrod straight while wearing that lovely dress? I bet you have a hat to go with that dress already...or can create one from a vision you already have in your head!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Somewhere, in the stack of boxes of hats that I have stored, I have a pink and white gingham smocked hat. I had forgotten about it until your post. I believe it's from the 1970's and was made by one of my mother's friends to match one of my mom's dresses.

Marg said...

Glad to hear that you are on the mend. It's not fun being sick.
I love that pink dress. That's to die for...I used to have a smocked dress way was a fun dress, whatever that means, but it had many memories.
I have taken a few classes in my Masters, but I know feel I have enough to Master without all that stuff. (Bug I do love learning)