Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Name That Gator

I must be doing better. Even though I am still inclined to afternoon naps from which I awaken convinced I still have an IV in my hand and side rails on my bed, small bits of grey matter are re-awakening. Part of this sleepiness is normal recovery from being sick and sleep deprived. It doesn't help that I have not had a cup of caffeinated anything for a week and half now either.

I dream of Carl Larsson paintings, which is a very pleasant thing, and consider the garden which is heavily shaded, leafed about with bushes and trees that need trimming. The temperature soars in the afternoon and I sit outside until I am warm through and through, then retreat once again to the cool interior to sip fluids and nap again.

This morning I awoke and knew the gator's name. The yet unnamed gator who slid into the oil smeared waters that are rapidly filling the Daisetta sinkhole. I could picture him in his private green swimming hole, and hoped that he was happily still splashing about.

I think his name must be "Slick."


Vicki said...

Perfect! That's a great name for the ol' gator. You're of your brain are reawakening! (grin)

I'm glad you're coming back to life. Rest is never a bad thing, either. Any excuse for a nap, as Doc always says! You've been on my mind a lot lately. I guess because you've been through a scare, and because I've been praying like crazy for your complete recovery.

Was giving up caffeine your idea or the doctor's? I gave up carbonated anything about 5 years ago and I went caffeine-free for about 4 of those years, but the occasional glass of iced tea (sweet, of course) has been slipping back into my diet lately.

Take care of yourself and rest, rest, rest!

Lin said...

I am so glad you are home now.

And I love the gator's name--Slick. Now, why couldn't I think of that.....would never happen.

Welcome home, Jill.

Anonymous said...

Your choice of a name, Slick, is an excellent choice for the alligator. Glad your recovery is going well. Getting lots of rest is one of the best ways to get well. You are in our thoughts. Love, mom S.

Miss Janey said...

So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Take are to stay that way.

Elizabeth said...

I do hope you are feeling better.
All best wishes from Morocco.

Lovella said...

Perfect it will go well with his middle and last name. .
slick sinkhole sam.

Oh .. I do wish I could sit on your warm veranda and sip a glass of cold herbal tea with you ..
I know I could make you feel better. . .
rest. . .rest .. .rest. ..