Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MIllinery: What's that you say?

So it is Februrary, and Valentine's Day is a'comin'.
The temperature outside has dropped, and it is once again cold enough to justify wearing a warm hat to an casual event.

I figured my ruched red velvet Scottie would be kind of fun to wear this morning to
Bible study.
A perky shot of color to brighten up the day.
I really like this hat pattern.
After all, the pattern used to make this hat was created by my friend Kate Pernia and she named the pattern after me.
"The Jill"
Nice, huh?

A collage of vintage buttons serve as a decoration.
The hat should be a great conversation starter, wouldn't you think?
Something along the lines of "Oh that hat looks so warm!" or "How festive, perfect for Valentines Day!" or "I love those buttons; where ever did you get that hat?"

Or even just a plain old "Nice hat!"

What I got at was "You look like you should be at the USO."


Followed by "I feel like I should salute you or something. You look like one of the Lennon Sisters."

I really thought the woman was about my age or maybe just a few years older.

The USO?

Lennon Sisters?

Who salutes the Lennon sisters?

Weren't they the sister act on the Lawrence Welk show that my grandparents used to watch back in the 1960's?

So I did a google image search.
There were no pictures of the Lennon sisters in any hat even remotely similar to mine.
The Andrew sisters occasionally sang at the USO wearing army caps that are vaguely similar in shape, but they were never in red, nor velvet.
And certainly not with a dip in the front and decorated with vintage buttons.

Oh well.
Here's to the Lennon Sisters and the USO!
Carry on!

(I do wonder which Lennon sister I supposedly look like.)

The Lennon sisters today, performing in Branson Missouri. Great legs ladies!


Vicki said...

You look fabulous in that hat!

I think the commenter might have intended to say the Andrews Sisters. Look at the photo here and here. Of course, the Andrews Sisters were really before our time!

(Hope those links work...I always get nervous about getting them right!)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Vicki~ The links worked great; the Andrew sister's hats were a glengarry style like mine, a Scottish style that is said to be created after the Scottish tams that had the sides folded up.

Ahh...I'd be proud to look like the Andrew Sisters. Those gals totally rocked!

Vicki said...

I agree...I really liked the Andrews Sisters, although I became "acquainted" with them years after their popularity. I could tell you a really funny story that is sort of related to the Andrews Sisters, but Doc would kill me if I put it in print!

Lovella said...

I love that hat on you. Very smart. I can't wait to hear how the conversation at bible study really went.

Anonymous said...

How do I get this hat! I am putting together a musical review at our church to help raise money for a food bank they run in our community. The review is a collection of classic songs from the 20's through the 70's. We are performing Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree via the Andrew Sisters and I have GOT to find that army hat they wear. Your velvet hat is the closest thing I've found because I don't know the name of the hat so I'm limited on my google search. If you can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it! You can contact me at