Monday, February 04, 2008

If you were invited to a Valentine's Day tea...

If you were invited to a Valentine's Day tea, which of these hats would you choose to wear?

Number 1: Purple and pink floral. Link is here.

Number 2: Pink suede with art deco arrow. A VERY cool hat. More pictures available here.

Number 3: Victorian Wire Framed Lace hat. Link is here.

Number 4: 1960's pink cellophane straw with organdy rose. Link is here.

Number 5: Pink cocktail hat with rhinestones.

Number 6: Here
Just to get you thinking about Valentine's Day.
All the hats are available on ebay by searching "pink hat"
Most of them are going for around ten bucks.
What a hoot.
Pink tea and pettifours anyone?
Oh, and don't forget to shop for gloves to match!

PS: Here's a millinery suggestion for Spooky and Miss Kitty:

I doubt Tiggie or Hart will be interested in attending the party, even if I did get them a hat.


Lin said...

Hands down--it's hat number one for me! The pink and purple go perfectly together.

Wonderful blog! I just love the selection of hats.

Vicki said...

Oooh, I love #4...that would be my choice. However, I'm afraid someone would choose one of the pink bucket hats for me (very casual most of the time).

What time is tea? I'm on my way!

Spooky said...

I didn't see a small hat with a pink mouse on it...or maybe some feathers in front that I could play with. On second thought, pink just isn't my color, so I'll pass.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh WOULD look wonderful in that hat!
And I am glad you like number 4 Vicki. A shorter southern girl could definitely rock that hat. I get a little giddy looking at it too.
I'm adding a hat for our kitties too...

Ladygrande said...

I'll take number 3 please.....
Number 3: Victorian Wire Framed Lace hat.
What work!!


Ladygrande said...

Oh, yes - and I'll have that pearl necklace from Model #5 please.


Spooky said...

That's better, but could you add some feathers? I like a little movement in my garb. Oh, and since pink isn't exactly my color, could you throw in something blue to accent my eyes?

Please let Tiggie and Hart know that Miss Kitty and I shall need escorts. They must attend, and they must don those top-hats.


Heather Outside Boston said...

Since February is snowy up here, I have to go with number 1 or number 6 (love number 6!). They are my actual favorites, but I think I would be pleased with either of the straw ones, just no this time of year. Thank you for the inspiration.

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

I love the first one, purple and pink floral! Will you resist the temptation to bid for one of them?

Sara said...

Well, as much as I love that pink cellophane straw with organdy rose, the color would not do anything for me, so I would wear the wire framed lace hat, to go with an appropriately old=fashioned gown with high lace collar and mutton sleeves, a lorgnette on a string so I could see well enough to choose delicious goodies from the tea tray, and perhaps cream colored button-up boots....and kid gloves. Perhaps I could get away with a pink satin ribbon to hold my lorgnette? I belong to a different century, I'm afraid.

Miss Kitty loves the idea of a tea, she'll wear a hat if Hart and Tiggie will wear one.

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Dear Blondie, thank you for the invitation to tea....and I just love the hat you selected. Maybe you can adjust mine a bit and add a golden stretchy string tied in a bow, like the one I love to play with around here...and I'd like some red flowers since it's a Valentine's day tea. Maybe a heart-shaped bead can dangle from the brim too. That would be purrrfect.

I've let a message for Tiggie encouraging him and Hart to get with the program. I'm sure Hart will do whatever Tiggie tells him to.

Anonymous said...

I vote #6, even if it is pink...