Saturday, December 22, 2007

SLC Christmas: December 21-22

Hi Mom and Dad D. and S.!
Well my house is *spotless* (as always , I just had to clean like crazy before I left, why is that???)
and now I am kicking back and having fun.

The SLC airport was packed, but nothing compared to Houston's airport. Yipes...glad we got there early early for once.

So fun to see Jeff in a muffler and overcoat. The southern California boy with flip flops and shorts 24/7 has morphed.

We stopped for the traditional bean and cheese burritos on the way home to Jeff's. Bernie commented on the cute decorations...oops, I mean real icicles.

Got to see my grand kitty!
Isn't Mowsie adorable sitting on his daddy's lap? grandcat is God's chosen cat to the world...or something like that.
Jeff has gotten a gorgeous tree. I keep thinking it is so pretty it almost looks fake, and then am disgusted with myself that I now compare perfect real trees to artificial trees, instead of the other way around.
Note that the presents have ALL arrived from California...

There is no more room under the tree. The gifts are now piling up the staircase.

Laura bought paper whites, which are blooming, and the amaryllis will probably bloom before we leave too.

The kids even switched out the decorations in the bowl on the coffee table.

And Laura bought a bouquet of roses to welcome us.
The boys are skiing this morning on a foot of powder; Laura and I have been catching up, and now were probably going to go to the store to order meat for Christmas dinner.
We're supposed to get another big dump of snow tonight.
Yes...we miss you...I'll be posting regularly so you can enjoy being part of the fun via the blog, and of course we'll call too....
Love you!


running wildly said...

Shall I bow before God's chosen Cat?!

Love it.

Enjoy the holidays with your two rug rats. (the kids in case you were wondering.)

Can't wait to keep reading what the holidays bring you.

Lovella said...

Love the post Jill. What a handsome son you have. How amazing that your kids would fuss so much to make your welcome so fantastic. I'll be back to enjoy more of that vacation.
PS. . .don't fall on the ice or anything. It's real and slippery. (not pretend)

wordsandcats said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound. Have a lot of fun, and Merry Christmas to you all!