Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcoming the thankful season

The clueless little turkey is just outside the door...

The foyer table displays autumnal bounty....

The mantle is laden with bobbles and memories....

Pictures of my babies, angels from my childhood, and a framed picture of Laura's five year old hand print, masquerading as a turkey.

A wedding present vase, a small humming bird nest, and a kindergarten leaf print picture by Jeff. He's already here, flew in on Monday night, but I don't think he's noticed the picture.

(Hint for the day: If your children create a picture that you love, make a color copy on acid free paper. You will enjoy it for years, and additional copies can be shared with others.)

The table has just bare minimum decor; a full array of china and crystal, turkey and "fixins" will be upon it tomorrow.
And just for fun, Tom Turkey has been given a place of welcome as well, where he gobbles out silly phrases whenever anyone passes before him.
(We forget he is there, and do a little jitter jump each and every time.)
A bit more shopping today, the temperatures are predicted to drop to a suitable chilly level, and Laura flies in tomorrow just in time for the Thanksgiving dinner.
While I know our Canadian friends, their T-day long since celebrated, are gearing up for Christmas (the North Pole is closer to Canada; Santa swings by there sooner than anywhere else so they must be on their toes to be ready), I want to say to all of my Americans friends who are finishing up pre-holiday details:
Isn't every detail something to be thankful for?
Isn't it wonderful to have a Season of Thanksgving?


Lovella said...

The one thing I noticed the other day when we ventured down to the US of A was that all the Thanksgiving decor was on sale. This is a huge advantage. Having Thanksgiving up here we don't see any sale items until after the holiday.
Having said that . . .
I love love love your mantel. What a beautiful display of Thankfulness. I especially was touched by the handprint. I think your suggestion to safeguard these precious items is just such a wonderful suggestion.
I do hope you and yours have a wonderful fantastic time as a family and enjoy your chill in the air. How fitting.
I'd love to hear that turkey talk. Something you could record for our pleasure? A hidden camera perhaps?

Vicki said...

Your decor looks so festive. I love it that you have framed your children's artwork. What a wonderful suggestion!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. B. and your family!

running wildly said...

Love your festive decor. I find your home very warm and inviting. I'll be over....oh, say next month? I'm open in the new year too! *wink*

Very clever suggestion with the pictures. I'll file that idea back into the archives.

Happy Thanksgiving, my blogger friend.

Becky said...

Beautiful fall display! And wonderful thanksgiving tribute! Happy Thanksgiving, Jill! I will be thinking of you, and mentioning to God how I am thankful for you ~ imagine Him planning this blog friend! Between our Thanksgiving and yours, it really is a season!

Kathy said...

Every detail. Yes. The decor is so special, beautiful and personal. I enjoyed enlarging the shots of your mantel and having a close look. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dawn said...

Have a wonderful day, Jill!