Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day: So the California folks can enjoy

Hi Mom and Dad S. and Mom and Dad D.
Wish you could of been here for Thanksgiving too, but I hope you enjoy the's the next best thing I can offer.

Love you!

Jeff arrived late Monday night; we had heavy fog Tuesday morning.
Jeff and I took a walk through the woods. Along the way there, he spotted a fire ant nest and decided to kick it.
Always fun to watch the ants swarm up, and he DIDN'T get stung either.
A pretty creeper...
I had to work Tuesday evening, but the boys got in a round of golf, a trip to Papa's Cajun seafood restaurant, and they stopped by to say "hi" to me at the library on their way home. They even saved me a bit of their dinner!
I had to run an errand on Wednesday morning. Decided to try Grandma Fay's Vera Whistler hat that always looked bleech on me. Ta-da...with the new glasses and new hair style, it suddenly works. Or maybe I am just looney enough now to think that it does with a brown vee neck and brown suede skirt.
I'm pretty sure it is a 1960's design. Rather faux hippy, don't you think?
Since you'll been so good, here's a picture of the pedicure art.
Wednesday night we went shopping and Bernie purchased some salmon. He breaded it, and fried it in oil and butter, then smothered it in a dill and red radish cream sauce, with a touch of horseradish.
Hart relaxed with a glass of white wine and kept Bernie company while he cooked.
This recipe is soooooo delicious! Oh my gosh! And the extra salmon was served cold with crackers as an appetizer on Thanksgiving day.
After we ate, we had a powerful lightening storm. It had been very warm and muggy all day; when the cold front moved in the temperature dropped about thirty degrees. It did knock out power momentarily.
I was glad the storm hit in the evening for us; that way I knew Laura wouldn't be flying in a storm the next day. I did feel for the countless people who were trying to get home on Wednesday night though. I'm sure the storm made getting in and out of Houston difficult.
Thanksgiving morning Bernie got going on the food first thing. He had been gathering recipes for a few weeks, and wanted to try a butternut squash apple bake.
He was so excited about cooking he didn't even take time to comb his hair!
Jeff checked out all the ads...
While I baked a pumpkin strudel coffee cake for Friday. I got the pumpkin pie made, and we all worked on a green bean, mushroom, garlic, onion side dish.
At noon we took a break to get in a good brisk walk before heading to the airport to get Laura.
The leaves on the paths were fantastic! It was just dry enough that we could shuffle though piles of brown leaves, but there were still fresh colored leaves falling as well.

Autumn may come late to Houston, but the colors are worth the wait.

We walked very fast, and the boys got way ahead of me, but I was determined to take more leaf pictures.

Can't decide which one I like best...
Wait a is this one. I like this picture best.
Right after our walk (and it was nose running cold outside!) we jumped in the car and headed to the airport.
You know me...gotta take in the airport fashions. Crocs and stripped hose: Yea!
I love seeing our guys in uniform meeting up with their families on Thanksgiving Day. I especially loved this man, with his back pack and his tiny adorable daughter's bottle stuck into one pocket, perfectly naturally.
After we got home Laura arranged the flowers for the table, and I made a last minute requested apple pie.
Then the turkey was done, and the sweet potato casserole, corn bread stuffing, potatoes and gravy were ready to be served.
We wish you could have been here...
Everything turned out just great!!!!


Lovella said...

Your thanksgiving looks picture perfect. Wow, husband helping in the kitchen, (pouring over recipes), house cozy and inviting, and especially smiling children around the table.
Thanks for the invite along.

Bernie, the food looked spectacular, the day before and the Turkey dinner as well.

cityfarmer said...

It's evening , the day after and I am so hungry looking at this food.let's get to know each other more starting now.

Vicki said...

Kicking fire ant hills - that's something boys of all ages like to do. I've have enough stings to know to avoid them.

Your Thanksgiving looks wonderful! I'm glad you were all able to be together!

running wildly said...

What a goodlookin' family!

Kathy said...

A man working in the kitchen is one of my favorite sights. I'm glad you have one in your kitchen :) What a delicious dinner, colorful walk and warm family time. Bless you all. And the new glasses are great and great with that hat!