Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Garden Center visit with Barbara

Just a few more pictures from Sunday. The Bucannan's Nursery in The Heights was where Bernie wanted to go originally; the Orange Show and the Art Car side trips were an after thought. Bucannan's is mostly known for natural or native plants, but while we were visiting, I just saw typical garden center items. Pretty though.

I thought of all the folks up north who have tucked their gardens away for the winter.
You are welcome to visit my winter garden via my blog whenever you need a garden fix!
Aren't these little three inch pots of rock succulents interesting? Who would ever suspect those hard little rock like plants could create a flower like that?
Check out how long the tail is on that little lizard!

He jumped from the pot to the sign in one bound. Leaping Lizards indeed!
The garden center cat apparently was not interested in catching garden friendly lizards. She is probably employed to keep down the rodent population.
Another look at the orange hat. (Barbara bought me the ear rings at a craft show as an early Christmas present. Thanks again Mom! I love them!)
Seriously, do you think it is too crazy to wear?
I acquired it about five years ago, and have it on display in my hat room. Occasionally I would try it on, make a face at myself, and take it off. At one of our HHN Sip and See parties, there was one woman ( HHN people remember Claudia...) who plopped it on her head and looked absolutely fabulous in it. Everyone else who tried it on promptly grimaced at their reflection.
Dusty rose pink velvet flowers against orange modern fabric...hmmm. Pretty odd combination. I do like the flowers though, very much.
Like Suzanne (another HHNer) once said: You have to find a hat you like, or a hat that likes you, and then you've got to wear it.
I guess on Sunday the hat and I decided we liked each other after all.
Or at least liked each other to go out together once.
Who knows. Maybe it will be the start of a strange and wonderful relationship.
Monday morning Barbara and I went for a walk on the concrete forest path. Barbara almost stepped on this frog; he leaped away into the grass and leaves along side the path, and I was able to get his picture. His body was about five inches long. His eyes were really big!
Wonder what his croak would sound like? Wonder if he is actually an enchanted handsome Prince who only needs a kiss to return to human form?
Neither Barbara or I considered kissing him however.
We've each got our own special Handsome Prince at home, as strange and wonderful though they may be at times.
No need to go looking for a new Prince when our old handsome Princes will do just fine.
Especially since they are more fun to kiss than a spotty old frog any day!


Lovella said...

Oh yes, I really do appreciate seeing living growing things in real time. Somehow knowing that these are from today and not pictures from the summer make them all the more enjoyable. I've gone to watching my indoor orchid sprout a green thing which I'm watching very closely.

You do have the most interesting bugs and amphibians down there. I suppose they can grow bigger since they don't have to reserve fuel to keep warm? Interesting thoughts.

Ladygrande said...

That little orange hat is fabulous. Also, remember Claudia has red hair and it looked great on her.

I love Buchanan's - they have great things. And good sales. That's one of my regular monthly stops in the Heights.

Hey, I need a handsome prince - maybe not handsome, just rich!


Kathy said...

I get a bang of all the critters you see and post. Leaping lizzards! I also like the orange hat - quite a lot actually, and I think you can pull of wearing it very nicely. The orange is fun. The flowers on it are an unusual choice - but again fun and I like flowers.

running wildly said...

Jill, I truly think you are stunning in those photos.

Also, I wanted to make sure it's ok that I add you to my links list.

Julie said...

Hi Jill..thanks for the invitation to enjoy your garden photos over our winter months..I accept your kind invitation ..
That is quite the lizard tail..I wonder what purpose it serves? Balance? rear view feeler to know if someone is following him??

Vicki said...

I love it that I come away from reading your posts with a huge smile on my face!

I also like the orange hat...I don't see anything wrong with the color combination, either! I've really grown to like the color orange because of my SIL - that's his favorite color (the color of his new vehicle, a room in their house, their mailbox, his golf cart, etc.).

Sara said...

An entertaining and interesting post. I like your orange hat and think it looks good on you. Those flowers for gave me flashbacks of Easter hats my 2 sisters and I once had back in the 1950's - I'm pretty sure the blossoms were much like those.

Glorious Hats said...

HI Jill, So enjoyed everything in this post. Congrats on another photo in the paper, nice to know so many people can now enjoy your photo perspectives.

About the orange hat. Part of my personal hat philosophy is that every hat and every head has it's time. It is easier to select the "right" hat for the head and time when one has numerous hats from which to choose. More than any other accessory or piece of clothing, IMHO, a hat reflects attitude, emotion, sets tone and blends with the person. Some days the same hat will give good face and others it will not. Some days it will look and feel perfect on the head, some days not. Some days it may be too edgy, some days too bland. It looks as though the prime time for this orange hat - which is indeed superb - has come again. So glad to see you discovered the "time" and looked so great and felt so good wearing her.