Tuesday, November 06, 2007

City Sights...City Slogans

Austin Texas has an unofficial slogan: "Keep Austin Weird!'

Why they got that slogan instead of Houston I don't fully understand.

After all, we've got The Orange Show, and The Art Car Museum.

Below: Two of the Art Cars that were on display while Bernie, Barbara and I were out and about on Sunday.

(It is against the law to have open containers of alcohol inside a vehicle. Nothing on the books about open containers on the outside of the vehicle. The above modification works within the letter of the law!)

No need to worry about car washes leaving swirl marks on the car finish when you finish your car's finish like this!

Once a year Houston has a parade of Art Cars. Last year we even had an Art Car covered with a knitted tea cozy. Sue's famous Hippo car has been part of the parade many, many time.

The museum houses which ever cars the owners feel like not using for a bit. You can see more art cars in one year's parade here.

It is fun.

So...you may be asking what exactly is Houston's unofficial motto?

The heat. The Humidity. The Hurricanes. The Flying Cockroaches. The Mosquitos. The Traffic. The Construction. The Sprawl. The Refineries. The Ridicule. The Pollen. The Air. The Billboards. The Flooding. The Image. The Property Taxes. The Short Springs. The Long Summers. The Pot Holes. The No Mountains. HOUSTON: IT'S WORTH IT!"


That's MY town!


Vicki said...

I love it! Those "art cars" look like something you'd see in Key West.

Regarding the open container law: when we lived in Pottsboro, TX, my hubby and his buddy stopped at a convenience store in a neighboring town. "Buddy" wanted to buy a lottery ticket and beer. He popped one just as he walked out of the store and was halfway to the car when a police officer approached him and ticketed him for having an open container on business property. We've been telling him ever since that he needs to stop buying beer!

I like the "motto" for Houston. Except for the refineries, you could be talking about Orlando!

Anonymous said...

You are just too funny! But how do you fit all that on a bumper sticker? Love the art cars!!!! ~Laura

Ladygrande said...

Houston kinda grows on you, doesn't it. Never nothing to do -- always something going on.


Sara said...

Well, I can say truthfully that those are the loveliest steering wheels I've ever seen!

I went through Houston once on the train from LA to New Orleans...but we only saw the train station.

We have refineries in Long Beach too. They look quite pretty at night, but daytime is another story.