Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yet another recipe trove...

First of all, I just want to apologize for yesterday's post. It should have occurred to me that there is too much violence in the world, and too much obesity as well.
Leave it to me to find a way to encourage both obesity and violence at once.
Fried chicken AND waffles WITH syrup AND butter PLUS SLAPPING!
Mea culpa.
my bad.
So to make up for it today I am posting a collection of Weight Watcher recipes card from 1974.
(Do you remember how much you weighted in 1974?
Were you on Weight Watchers back then, even though looking back, you now realize that you looked GREAT back then?)

If you were, these cards should bring back some mighty fond memories.
If you missed the recipe cards the first time around, just be glad that people with large attics often save random stuff.

I'm not positive, but I have a very strong feeling that fluffy mackerel pudding would cause me to lose weight, right now!

Just thinking about it makes my stomach clench.

This would make me wince as well, and think of a way to leave the table ASAP.

I have always believed in decorating the table as a means of providing dining atmosphere, even for the simplest of meals.
The mushrooms in this shot...scary. I'm sure I would be scared straight on the subject of over eating if I had them lurking over my dinner plate.

My fellow librarian Karen shared these recipes cards with me at ref desk on Tuesday night. They, and the rest of the 1974 Weight Watcher Recipe cards can be found on Candyboot's website, she who discovered them in her mom attic, and had the good sense to grab them and share them with the world.

Candyboots also provides commentary about the recipe cards. Just so you know, don't be drinking milk while you read her thoughts unless you don't mind having milk shoot out of your nose because you are laughing so hard.

While Karen and I were looking through the cards on our computers at reference desk, we were laughing and snorting so loudly that the patrons were looking up and shushing us.
I didn't care.
I confess, as a librarian I am simply fresh out of shush.

The entire recipe card collection has been published as a book.
Perfect for my collection of strange cook books, don't you think?

Yeah, I thought so too.



Vicki said...

You are so funny! Gosh, I remember what I weighed in 1974...I'd love to weigh that again!! I weighed in the double digits, but I'm only 5'1" so I didn't look anorexic or anything. That's the year that Doc and I began to "officially" date. I've never been on Weight Watchers, but I should be now.

You're right...there are some recipes that would keep me from eating.

see you there! said...

I was cooking in 1974 but surely I wasn't cooking anything that looked like THAT was I? I mean I think I'd remember.


Lovella said...

And this is why I don't do diets.

hmm 1974 . . .I'm with Vicki, not with the weight but the offical year of starting to seriously date.

running wildly said...

But it was FUN violence. Tee hee.


And rest assured...the masses are already aware of my non-waffle maker status. They have secret meetings about me. I often wondered where the syrup came from that dripped off the front door. But the silly people don't realize I am onto them and their waffle-happy ways. Shhhhhhhh. I am not afraid.

Sara said...

1974?? Oh how I wish I could be that weight again, even though at the time I was not pleased with it - it was perfect compared to my old self these days! Oh, those photos are, how shall I say this, atrocious! What a weird time the 70's were!

Yes, DO email me your nano page or tell me how we can hook up on NaNoWriMo. I'm still sorta figuring out their website, but I did get my picture on my profile, well not MY picture, put a portrait of the purple ink girl!

Julie said...

That is so funny...was Weight Watchers at that time trying to make food so 'uneatable' that everyone on the program automatically lost weight???
Actually, I had an everweight friend who was on weightwatchers in the mid seventies and she lost 100 lbs. and her Weight Watchers approved reward when she reached her goal weight was that she could eat a whole large pizza all by herself!
Well, yes , of course...the rest was predictable!!!!

What did I weigh in 1974? I'm with Vicki... 5'1' and just over a 100....I'd been married 9 years and had a 7 year old daughter.... hmmmm...wonder how I kept my weight down?? must have been my cooking!! giggle

Fun post !!

Ladygrande said...

My favorite WW recipe of all time is Tuna Chili -- YUCK!!!! Ate it at least four days a week back in my WW days. Those recipes were horrendous! I'd rather be fluffy than eat some of those food combinations. Oh, well.......