Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall feathers, flutters and "Fore!"

Since I mentioned awhile ago that I would be posting some of my autumnal hat collection....

This was one of my first millinery efforts. I had owned the tam since high school, and after one millinery class I was itching to start trimming.
Boy did I ever NOT know what I was doing. It turned out OK. The edging isn't a bias ribbon, so there will always be a little warp/wave there.
The flowers and the feather pad were from Michael's crafts, and I added a pin from my grandmother's collection a few years later.
Funny, I've never seen a feather pad like that at Michael's since.
Occasionally I consider adding a delicate chocolate colored veil, but then resist. I get enough stares with the hat just as it is. When, oh when will veiling ever make a come back with this sort of reticent thinking?
The hat should look was the one I wore to the book signing. Laurie paused and looked hard at me when I crept into the back row as she spoke. When I went up to get my book signed she said she was glad I came up because she really wanted to see the hat.
Two are better than one...even when it is butterflies that we are talking about.
I haven't looked up their name, but they are fluttering all over the neighborhood, very slowly. And landing on the path ahead of me and staying there long enough for a picture.
Butterflies never do that for me.
I have erased more blank shots of where the butterfly was a moment ago.
Bernie and I are going to flutter on down to an old east Texas golf course.
I'm going to ride along in the cart with him as he plays.
We're taking a bottle of Spanish wine with us.
It's just that kind of day.
Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!


Vicki said...

I said it previously and I just have to say it again: I really like your new glasses!

I gave up playing golf years ago when I realized I just wasn't very good at it. Doc loves to play every chance he gets (he's out there right now), and I love to just ride along in the cart with him, too. I hope you two have a wonderful time!

Ladygrande said...

Lovely little brown hat.