Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When "H" freezes over

It finally happened.

"H" has frozen over.

And I've got the pictures to prove it.

"H" as in Houston, that is.
Our nickname being
"H town"

Bernie got through the snow, and on to a plane home, arriving at 10:30 pm.

The roads had iced all over the area, with the exception of the freeway between the airport and our home.
I am so thankful!

There were lots of accidents on the roads around our city. Thankfully, no fatalities.
Posted by Picasa This morning I was amused to see one inch long icicles clinging to one area of our eaves.

Some plants were spangled with ice, others were totally dry.

I've heard of "scattered showers", but I never imagined showers could scatter in a matter of feet.

I guess our local news teams can take a rest now.
It has been a slog.
One poor guy was assigned to follow a sanding truck around downtown and report where it was going.
Another guy (I am NOT making this up...) was assigned to watch a bucket of water and report when a film of ice formed.
He was at it all day.
Guess they must have had a bad experience with thermometers somewhere along the line.
They'll believe it is 32 degrees when they see water freezing with their own eyes.

And yes, if you thought a watched pot will never boil, the same can be said about a watched pot will never freeze.

Jeeze, get a life why don'tcha?

It's still raining, but the temperatures are supposed to be around 35 degrees.
Just a cold drippy day.
Nice and normal.


Kate said...

...and it's balmy here in Switzerland. Toooooooo weird!
K Q:-0

Anonymous said...

If that guy watching the water freeze had flicked the bucket he would have seen it freeze over instantaneously. We had to do it in chemistry class. just sitting there it won't do anything. Glad dad got home ok. are the kitties frozen?

Lovella said...

. .love the reporter story. They don't realize that sometimes they become the story. It's almost as if they are a bit sad if things are not quite as dreadful as they predicted.
Quite something about your icicles. Has that happened before? It's just above freezing and drizzly and dreary here today, but we live in Canada for goodness sakes, we expect this. Did Tiggie think much of the cold weather?

Ladygrande said...

Welcome home, Bernie!

Here in the Galleria area, it was COLD, but not icy - thank goodness for me....I won't drive in the ice. Roads were wet, but that's normal for H-town. Love your weather reports from Kingwood --- thinking about moving up that way. And the pictures are wonderful!