Monday, November 13, 2006

Millinery: Girlie girls wear Lily D.

My mom sent me a news article from her local antique guide into the mail the other day. The article was about the rise in vintage clothing's popularity amongst "girlie-girls"

In the body of the article the author talked about how adding a hat to any outfit instantly made you feel more feminine.

Preach it sister!

She noted that Lily Dache's 1960 era colorful straws (pictured) were just perfect for topping a jeans outfit.

I think a Lily Dache hat is a perfect for topping just about any outfit, outside of a wedding dress.

Posted by Picasa What surprised me was that the author, writing from Southern California, priced the Dachettes labeled hats at approximately $135.

I'm very fond of Lily Dache designs, but I think I have passed on a few Dachettes labels along the way...too 1960's, too close to my own era.

Too "bubble head" for my taste.

I think I was a bubble head in this case. The Dachettes I passed on were going for like, $15?

If I had bought them, and took them out to SoCal, I'll could have had a nine fold return on my investment.

Oh well. Lala la la la lalala...I'm just not going to worry my pretty little head about that.

(But, if in the future you see a Dachettes up for auction on ebay, don't you DARE out bid me!)

PS: I thought the 1950's raspberry number sounded far more interesting, even if its picture was too murky to copy well. I would have bought it in a minute. And I don't even look good in raspberry!


Ladygrande said...

I have some Lilly Daches....will have to unpack them and check them out.


Anonymous said...

Do you get credit for these in your word count? Thruly enjoyed the veterans post...Bernie, their son