Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Dance

Happy #1: Ugg's on my feet, for a 40 degree frost-on-the-roof-top morning.

I gave in at 11 am and kicked on the heater.

After all the heat this summer I was cherishing the chance to bundle up in long sleeves and long pants, turtlenecks, and the whole "normal" late fall attire.

I've been an Ugg's girl since the mid-1990's, before the fashion craze kicked in for the Hollywood types. The swim and surf community wore them for winter foot warmth apre water activity. These are the tall boot type, and once I put them on, it takes a lot to motivate me to take them off. I wonder if I will catch any flack if I wear them to work. Probably not.

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Happy #2: I just now (like 5 minutes ago) pounded across the half way marker on the NaNoWriMo. 25,134 words! 24,866 to go.
53 pages, mostly single spaces so far.

OK, so I was two days late getting there. Should have been there on Wednesday, but that's fine.

The NaNo home page shows the stats, the big hump in the bell curve on Wednesday was that most folks were a day or two behind. A few have already finished (showoffs!) and a 2% hadn't even got started yet.

People are dropping out, as to be expected, so I am just delighted to still be in the race, and actually happy with where the plot is going.

Back to it......


Dawn said...

Ugga bugga! You GO, nano girl!

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