Monday, October 02, 2006

Traveling and moving, winking and blinking

It was an interesting weekend.

Laura and my parents flew from San Diego to Phoenix, Arizona and visited with my dad's twin sisters. They are all in their eighties, and I should have hopped a plane to be there for that gathering. One twin lives in Oregon, the other Arizona, and my folks in San Diego so these reunions rarely happen.

Laura video'ed as much as she could. Apparently the hot topic was hearing aids.

From there Laura and my folks headed down to Mexico to see the Copper Canyon by train for a week.

Meanwhile, son Jeff up in Salt Lake moved into his very own town home, as a first time home owner. Congratulations!

And I went to an antique show, church and out for lunch.

At the antique show my eye felt dry, my ear, lips and jaw started tingling.
That night my ear started hurting. I had swam a few days ago and figured it was a little swimmer's ear.

Laura called before they crossed the border into Mexico. Nurse Laura said ear aches usually resolve themselves in 48 hrs. And I should wait until Monday, if isn't better, go see a doctor.

Sunday afternoon my right eye was no longer blinking. My sense of taste was wonkie, everything tasted metalic. A smile was only one side of my mouth.

I'm typing this with a square of saran wrap over my eye to keep my eye moist.

In a few minutes I'll be leaving to go sit in the doctor's office and find out if I am right in thinking that I just got hit with Bell's palsy.

Stay tuned.

Update: The Doctor said Bell's Palsy. And ordered a MRI just in case its a stroke or brain bleed.
I had the MRI "STAT" (when Laura gets back I want to know if "stat" stands for something or if it just sounds like something you should do right away.

I haven't heard back on it yet, this being Tuesday morning, but I think if there was a problem I would have heard.


jillytee said...

Oh no poor you! I do hope it doesn't last too long. You take care now.

Kate said...

Oh Dear!! I hope not. Thinking of you today.
K Q:-0

jillytee said...

Well you were right! hope you're feeling okay, I think Bells Palsy just rights itself in the end? keep us informed of your progress!

jillytee said...

Well you were right, hope you're feeling ok. I think Bells Palsy just rights itself in the end?? Keep us informed of your progress