Thursday, October 05, 2006

See & Sew

Yes! It's easy.

Or so the envelope says. I got this fabric a few weeks back and the pattern, thinking I'd make a nice autumn sheath with sleeves. Just one piece in front, two back pieces, a facing and two sleeves. I plan to line it in a black cotton...autumn is still in the 90 degrees outside and humid mode, so the cotton works best for lining when needed.

Layed it all out on the dining table. Realized that the verticle darts means I had better add the two inches extra for my long torso (so long that I was eight and a half months pregnant before people started asking when the baby was due. I had a slim, even taller and longer waisted friend who hid TWINS on the way from her folks, just for fun. Her husband helped, we knew she was expecting, so it was amazing to watch her pull it off!)

Anyway, the pattern and fabric have been on the table since Friday, before the Bell's Palsy kicked in. My energy level has been kaput since then. I keep looking at the lay out , and the mauve hat and then just kind of fizzle out.

On a more positive note, friend Jeane in Colorado showed me her "Time Goes By" dvd while I was visiting there in August, and got me hooked. A BBC production with Judi Dench, it was available at the local library, or at least volumes 1, 3, 6, and 9-13. Since it is difficult for me to read right now, and I'm still awfully clumsy with just one eye open (the other taped closed), I've been spending my evenings hanging out with Jean and Lionel and the gang, admiring all the smart clothes, and wishing someone around here would offer me a cup of tea. Even if I would probably dribble it terribly with the paralysed mouth and all.

I do wonder, how do they keep those shirts so crisp? And do UK guys really wear shirts and ties to meander through the park? I don't remember seeing that when I went to London and Scotland. But on the other hand I do remember seeing the guys in kilts while I was there, and that is enough to still make me smile. At least on one side of my face.

PS to Jillytees: Thanks for the note. I needed that!

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jillytee said...

I love Judi Dench she has such wonderful diction! I could listen to her all day. Not sure about the shirts and ties bit, but vi think they do in the city. As for a man in a kilt (ooohhh yes please!!)