Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Millinery: General Andrew Jackson weighs in.

This felt roll brimmed hat was purchased without trim in New Orleans in December 2000. It was perfect to wear in the foggy wintery coolness of that lovely town.

As it was nearly Christmas during our visit, the town had actors strolling around dressed as historical characters that had lived in New Orleans in the past.

As luck would have it, General Andrew Jackson was taking a morning walk when Bernie and I were out early, sight seeing. I was wearing this hat, as it was purchased, without a single bit of decoration yet added.

General Jackson paused upon seeing us, tipped his hat to me, and said in a decided tone:

"Madam, my compliments on your chapeaux".

And continued on his way.

I didn't even get a chance to inform him of the fact that we lived on "Old Hickory Street", (we resided in Dallas area at the time.)

Nor did I have the opportunity to tell him that my husband's great- great-great grandfather served as a dragoon under his command in the War of 1812.

The General looked in fine fiddle clad in his uniform, and I hope he fared well during the last bout of unpleasantness that troubled that fine city.

Now there are two feathers in my cap...plus peacock hurls, (the grassy looking stuff), a jade and gold pin, vintage velvet bow, velvet leaves, and vintage netting with dots as a hat band.

And Tiggie wants to know when do we invade Japan? Posted by Picasa

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Kate said...

As always, your trim technique is divine! Also, love Tiggie's talent for picking the right spot.
K Q;-)