Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wasting away in Puerto Vallarta-ville...

Just a shot of the Grand Mayan resort where we are staying, taken from our balcony.

We alternate between the beach, pool side and our balcony which has its own small private pool.  Somedays we dunk in all three water options in between eating, sleeping and reading.
The weather is perfect, not too hot or cold. I've gotten in a nice walk along the riverside that border the resort and a few saunters around the grounds with my regular camera. The textures and birds have caught my photographic interest more than landscape shots.  I'd love to photograph the tykes in the pools but of course refrain from doing so.  Happy children playing in sparking water is a source of endless smiles.  Makes me miss my own splash making grands.

Day nine here...all for now.
(Feel free to guess what that last photo is.)


Lorrie said...

I've been puzzling over that last photo - a frosty glass?

Looks like you're having a wonderful, relaxing time.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Life is rough...I see. :) Enjoy! As for the last pic...I'll have to let someone else solve that riddle.

ellen b said...

Well it certainly looks like the venue for relaxation. I'm hoping that last photo is a good drink!