Monday, July 28, 2014

Calvin's first camp

Calvin was just one month old on the second day of camp, a tiny bit too little to camp out with us over night so his mom and other grandmother brought him up for dinner and campfire time.
He slept on the table in his car seat while we ate.

Once he woke up we got a new family picture taken on the picture taking log.
Trying to get everyone's expression right at the same time: Challenging!

Someday when the boys are grown up we will have to have them pose exactly like this again.

Pretty good/good enough!

I wonder if this face making will be a habit once they are older too?
I hear that behavior is true about a lot of brothers.

Calvin has had his other grandmother at his beck and call for the last couple of weeks.
She shared a few insights into Calvin that might help me when I get to watch him two days a week starting in a couple of weeks, after her visit time ends.

Bernie finally had his chance to hold and get to know Calvin.

My brown eyed baby boy grandson.
While Cal was in Bernie's hands I had my first chance to take pictures of Calvin while he was fully awake.
I feel like I hardly know him, or at least compared to how well I know his big brother.
A few hundred photos of Calvin taken over the next two years ought to fix that problem.

I snapped away, capturing his changing expressions.

He is still so tiny...Bernie's hands look huge aside Calvin's small head.

He seems to be studying Bernie's face as much as Bernie is studying Cal's face.

He has learned to smile...and stick out his tongue too.
Useful skills to have at four weeks of age.

Luke has had his daddy to himself for a couple of days; now Luke is ready for some Mommy time and Jeff is ready for some Calvin time.

Me...I am happy for any time with either of them.
So glad they live nearby and I can have time with both of them often.
Hopefully we will have plenty of camp time over the years too.


Vee said...

Such sweetness! You would make a very good portrait photographer as those family photos are terrific. Calvin is the cutest four-week old that I've seen lately. What a darling face and those deep brown eyes!

ellen b. said...

Such sweet photos. How fun to have that photo log to continue these photo ops! Loved all the photos. Praying these boys have a wonderful brother bond all their days...

Rosella said...

Awww - so precious!!! Great pictures of a sweet family.

Lorrie said...

Calvin is a darling. When you described not knowing him as well as you know Luke, I realized that is the same way I feel about our newest addition - now 5 months old. Compared to his older sister and cousin, I feel like we're barely acquainted. That will change.

Wonderful family time to cherish.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a lucky be doted on by many! And what a good-looking and darling one as well!

Lovella ♥ said...

Your photos are so great.

I can tell you that the face making will be practiced often over the next years.
Calvin has such a sweet face. You have a brown eyed baby grand. I was sure I'd have one but have four blue eyed and that still surprises me.

Wishing you many more years of having the opportunity to take that family photo on the log. Camping with kids is one of the best part of summer.

Kathie said...

Your little guys are both so sweet. The baby time is over so quickly and soon he'll be running along behind Luke trying to keep up - just like Isaiah and Oscar with Josie. Enjoy every second!

PS - I'm expecting a little brown-eyed baby soon :)