Monday, May 12, 2014

Tulip Festival: Light of the World Garden

This is Part 2 of the Colorful Weekend/Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival blogging that I posted last week.
I've been busy...spring weather has meant lots of fun so my inside blogging time has been delayed!

The Thanksgiving Point Italian garden/water feature floral designs change seasonally.
Five years ago the color scheme was pink tulips.
Orange/yellow is a pretty color combo too!

Especially since orange feathered birds are using the water feature as a bird bath.

By the way...the tulips are HUGE.
I am touching that tulip.

Avian spa day.
Aren't they cute?

There was a goddess like sculpture at the top of the water fall; her head was being used as a perch!
(and more...tee hee...)

Of course children were dipping their hands in the water cascading down the fountain.
Who could blame them...not me!


A hauntingly beautiful video was filmed here.
Remember Arwen the girl Elf from Lord of the Rings?
The Utah based Piano Guys wrote a song capturing that longing love story.

After visually soaking in that incredible water feature, I strolled on, enjoying the tulips...

and the narcissus.
Just grooving on the colors and scents when suddenly I saw this:

Jesus, twice human sized, walking on billowing waters.

And Jesus carrying His Cross.
I was stunned.

I could hardly breath I was so astonished at the beauty of the sculptures that had not known were in the garden.

Surrounding the huge Walking on Water and The Cross sculptures were many other smaller, table sized sculptures of readily (to me at least) recognizable scenes from the Life of Jesus.
The Woman at the Well...

Healing the Leper...

The Woman with an Issue of Blood.

Look at the expression on Christ's face as He senses that His garment has been touch as He is walking to heal the Centurion's daughter.

Close up of the leper.

Jesus praying...

Mary and Martha, with Mary at the feet of Jesus as Martha bustles about.

When I finally saw the plans for an entire garden with ALL the small sculptures being installed in twice life size I was rejoicing.
Only later did I learn that the artist was a self taught sculpture artist, a woman who had intended to sing opera, and had trained for that that when that goal became unattainable.
She prayed that God would reveal to her what purpose and gifting He had given to her.
She felt led to buy a block of clay, and sculpted a child's bust.
When it was done she knew how God intended to use her.
She sculpts to the Glory of God.

This was one of the three full sized sculptures.
The hand of Jesus reaching for the chick...oh so tender.

The woman caught in adultery...

What did Jesus write with His finger that day?

Next to the Walking on Water sculpture, the most moving one was of Lazarus awaking in his tomb.

 I can't wait to see this one done twice life size.

Close up of Jesus and Lazarus's sister.

Praying in the garden on the night He was betrayed.

The furrowed brow, the intensity of His face, the strain in His neck is incredible.

A close up of one of the waves from the Walking on Water sculpture.
The artist herself walked on the clay water as she worked to create the piece.

The crown of thorns was amazing.

Reach in Faith. 

If this scene doesn't ring any is because it is an LDS scene.
Yes, the sculptures are done by a LDS woman, and Thanksgiving Point is owned by an LDS family.
Scriptures are written on stone in garden.
I will leave it at that.

My photos are as best as I could do lit by an overhead mid day sun.
I invite you to see a 1:40 second video of the garden filmed beautifully with one of my favorite hymns.

Eventually I managed to continue on seeing the tulips which seemed wild after such a sacred space.

I kept looking back at Jesus walking on the water.

He walked on water...His Spirit is with me as I walk in on.

The topiary carousel was yet to be planted.

I wonder what it will look like in bloom.

I next headed to the waterfalls and bought a frozen orangeade as it was getting warm.
Children were merrily rolling down the sloping lawns and families were picnicking together.

The water roar is wonderful.

Rainbows appear in unexpected spray filled nooks.

Wisteria blossoms filled the air with their oriental fragrance.

Leaving the garden, heading back to the parking lot, I see the snow capped mountains in the distance.

A toddler baby has lost her sweet bunny sock...

There were so many, many toddlers and babies that day!
I smiled to see more than a few elderly mothers being wheeled along surrounded by what looked to be great grandchildren in their own wheeled devices.

A few retired couples walked along together as well.
It is the kind of place that is just perfect for all ages.

I will go back there in a couple of weeks.
The tulips will be gone from the garden by then, and ready to be offered to folks like me who will be happy to give them a new home.


ellen b. said...

The sculptures are great. Glad you found them...

Vee said...

What a remarkable place. Those sculptures are profoundly moving. I really liked the expression that you pointed out when Jesus realized that healing virtue had left Him. Marvelous. And WHAT did they talk about when Lazarus was raised from the dead? So much that we don't know. Thank you for a most excellent tour and enjoy those tulip bulbs!

Julie said...

What a gift that woman has ! Her sculpting is amazing in detail and capturing of the 'essence' of the scripture each sculpture portrays.
It would be an memorable experience to walk through that garden.

Anneliese said...

I have to look those musicians up. I saw a video on a large screen last night which look like the same ones... playing by the Falls de Iguazu and Sugar Loaf Mountain in SA. They are amazing!