Monday, January 06, 2014

Epiphany: Kings Cake

I really, really like the Kings Cake that is found in every supermarket south of the Mason-Dixon line this time of year.
One  year Bernie was in South Carolina during the Epiphany-Ash Wednesday time frame.
He shipped me TWO Kings Cakes, at a shipping cost that was waaaayyyy too much but they were the best tasting thing I think I have ever eaten.
Last year I scored a Kings Cake at the local Mexican grocery; you might recall it was remarkable for having several "Baby Jesus" toys.
As a cake it was OK, but it was not the kind of cake that I crave.
This year I decided to try to bake one myself.
The cake has a cream cheese filling and is quite tasty.
But aside from the "almost" right colors (I didn't have the purple sprinkles that are tradition so I faked it with red/blue combo) the taste just wasn't the same as the store bought cakes either.
Oh well.
It is the thought that counts, right?
The Jewish people say "Next year in Jerusalem" during their Passover celebration.
Around here I think we might start saying "Next year in the South" on Epiphany.
Cuz it just doesn't feel like Epiphany without Southern grocery store Kings Cake.


ellen b. said...

Something else I've never experienced...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've had the Kings Cake made for Mardi Gra-- it has almond paste in it.This looks equally good!

Happy healthy 2014!

Vee said...

It looks so pretty, Jill. Sorry it didn't have the flavor you prefer. I had no idea that Kings Cake had a thing to do with Epiphany. I associate it with Mardi Gras. Obviously, I am terribly mixed up.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It IS the thought that counts! And it is better to be disappointed by a store-bought cake...than by one yo have spent hours preparing in your kitchen.