Friday, November 15, 2013

Nice try Tate.

Two snowfalls are forecast for this weekend, sent down here by our friends up in Western Canada.
Yes, you.
You know who you are!
(Good thing I like snow, right?)
I am thinking the last of the fall colors will be done for in our garden after these storms. 

Surprisingly to me, our coral bark Japanese maple is still pumping out bold colors out in the north facing front of our house.

We only have one coral bark out front despite my oft stated request that we have at least three, and preferably five out there.
They tend to be rather spindly trees and so Bernie keeps putting me off saying he is waiting to until he can find robust specimens for us.
Me...I just want them for their red bark which looks so great in snow, and the vibrancy of the foliage, and I want them NOW.
(Good thing one of us is patient...)

My front window view includes our across the street's neighbors tree, where birds perching at sunset becomes a silhouette art form.

Snow has already fallen five times here.
The chrysanthmuns are none the worse for wear for being trimmed in the white fluff.

Kind of a pretty alternate look, yes?

Last snowfall left about two inches on our deck for the day.
Silly old Tate went out and raced up the ash tree, then when he stopped, he was apparently baffled by the snow.
Acted like he had never seen the stuff before.
(He's our one cat who routinely goes out to race around in the stuff when it is up to his shoulders.)

He mewed pitifully for help, easing a white socked paw down a few inches then backing back up again.

It was a total performance on his part.
I've seen him leap down from there without a blink many a time.
This time...oh the sad story of snow and cold and so scared.

This went on for quite awhile.

There was absolutely no way we were going to get out a ladder out on the snowy deck to "rescue" him, regardless of how sad he mewed.
Bernie and I watched for awhile then went inside for coffee.
Deprived of his audience, Tate scrambled down the tree and came inside too.

That last pictured above.
The two coming ones could drop a lot more snow according to the "special" weather statement for here.
Now this is a fine howdy doo.
Bernie is golfing in Charleston with his work buddies this weekend (and if it wasn't a "work" related weekend I would have gone to Charleston with him!)
I told him I was up to shoveling the driveway three times, and after that I plan to fire up our new snow blower.
He gave me directions on how to start it, directions that included references mechanical parts that I have never heard of before.
Oh oh.
Well, maybe I can plead to my son for assistance, using that "your old dear mother needs help" routine if need be.
(Tate isn't the only one who can do drama around here.)
Jeff's never used our new blower either. 
This could get really interesting!

So how does your weekend look?
Is Canada sending anything "special" your way?

PS:  This morning I was listening to a talk radio show where the hosts were quizzing folks about general topics.   When asked to name a country that began with the letter "C", one fellow named Syria.  
The other three people really struggled to come up with a country too.
 I think Croatia got named. 
I think Canada needs to do some more advertising in America?
Or is this snow a way to remind everyone about the big "C" country to our north?


Vee said...

No, Canada is not sending anything special unless the promises of 60F are from there. Nah, that can't be right. Hope that you do just seem like a gal who will. I, on the other hand, would be in bed with a book.

Tate is a very handsome actor.

ellen b. said...

I hope Canada holds on to it's weather till our boy and his girl are over the pass tonight. Glad you are on to Tate. He really knows how to work it, though...
We have Thanksgiving tomorrow and I hope Dan's girl can relax enough to eat well with all of us...
Watch yourself in that snow. Maybe a neighbor will come over and shovel for you...

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh that is funny Jill. It is really raining hard here and windy too. They say the front is coming from the north but we will be spared snow.
I will be watching your/our weather sent your way!
Tate! Funny cat. He looks so healthy.

Brent Christensen said...

Hi Jill,

I don't know which I enjoy more...your writing or your photography. They're both super great.

By the way, we're bringing the ice castles to Midway again this year. Pray for cold. Hope to see you there.


Rosella said...

Aww - what a beautiful cat that Tate is, and so dramatic too! We had a "good" snow fall here in Ontario last week but are enjoying some mild snowless days right now - the calm before the storm no doubt. We know it's coming....

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Don't blame Canada for sending snow south! We hardly know what snow likes like in the Fraser Valley (at least not November snow). :)

I love your snow pic's...especially the one of snow on the yellow blooms.

Anneliese said...

I was a bit confused about where you live since you have snow already! Funny cat seems a bit confused too! I think Canada has a lot of advertising to do, but maybe we will just keep ourselves a secret. Would you believe even the fact that we celebrate Thanksgiving or Easter seem to raise some eyebrows?