Monday, October 21, 2013

October Catch up: 3 : The Vineyard

Grapes are ripening on our back fence, as well as on many other fences in our neighborhood.
No need to buy grapes around here!

When the sun hits them...I admire.

Some of the grapes are still ripening and still frosted looking.

As they ripen their skin takes on a shine.
The sun shining through does an x-ray on each grape, revealing the hidden seeds.
(The people behind us grow green seedless grapes and a black seeded grape. I keep meaning to ask to use my next door neighbor's gate to go pick some before the birds and the weather does them all in. The grape's owners never come near them all at!)

Cheerful Tate sniffs a stick near the grapevines.

A bit lower in the yard another neighbor's wormy apples ripen over our fence.
I enjoy seeing the apple tree go from bare snow covered branches to pink frothy flower, to tiny hard green apples and green leaves to red apples and finally yellow leaves.
It may be wormy but that tree can put on a show all year long!

Our vegetable/tomato garden has a few lingering bits of produce.

And a lone pumpkin is still ripening on its withered vine.

Seed pods are lovely overhead accents among the yellow leaves down there.
(I do not find the dart shaped seeds that rain down in buckets from our ash tree to be nearly as charming...)
Back to the grapes.
Three fairly large seeds are inside each large pea sized grape.
The variety was selected by our house's former owner and it is a variety used for wine making.
We certainly have a large grape crop now; should we consider trying our hand at wine making?
I say no.
Although I am willing to gather a pail full and pound them to make a sweet grape juice.
Some year I may try using the grape leaves in cooking too.
For now I am content with watching the leaves turn more golden with each passing day and savoring them visually instead.

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