Monday, June 24, 2013

Park City...again.

I seem to be stuck in a loop lately.
Mid June, we went to Park City for a week; we have two weeks worth of time share up there and one of the weeks needed to be used.
We had drug our feet on booking a week until it was "use it or lose it" time, thinking that maybe something more adventurous might come up for us.
Job demands just didn't allow "adventure" just now.

We swapped our usual Marriott stay for a stay at the Westgate property, which proved to be an excellent swap.
Westgate really rocked!
And so how did our vacation go?
We had to skip the first day of our vacation because we were part of a Japanese maple tour.
Last year...just about the same time of June, we also skipped the first day of our Park City vacation time because of being on the Japanese maple tour.
Not the same week, just the same month.
We got up on Monday, I did what was needed with my job then we went up to Park City.
That first night up there we decided to go out for Thai food.
We attempted to go to one Thai restaurant, but it turned out it was closed.
So we went to another Thai restaurant on Main Street.
It wasn't until after we ordered that we realized we were in the same restaurant we had eaten at last year and that I had just ordered the same thing I ordered the year before.
A quick peek at my blog post from a year ago confirmed that fact.
That night I got sick.
Last year I was on pain meds recovering from oral surgery.
Another repeat in pain land, this time GI track, but still major ouch.
I wound up needing to return to SLC on  Tuesday for an parent and child assessment with my work.
They stood me up.
Wednesday I drove Bernie to the SLC airport so he could fly to Dallas for one night.
I picked him up on Thursday.
That left Friday, Saturday and Sunday for "vacation".

We worked at relaxing in between trips down the mountain.
We got massages, swam in the private spa area pool/jacuzzi, then swam in the inside adults only pool, with adults only jacuzzi, sauna, and steam rooms.
Then we did the same swim-sauna-steam-jacuzzi in the outdoor family pool.

Mostly though we hung out in our rooms.

Where there was a jacuzzi....cuz where else could we find a jacuzzi?
Three options at the resort for us to use besides in our room.
And we have one at our house too.
We didn't even get around to using the jacuzzi in the room...
Sad, isn't it?

As I said, we stayed at Westgate this time.
The property had four major buildings and each was named after a woodsy kind of animal.
We were staying in "Bear".
Which meant that our rooms were decorated with lots and lots of bear images.

Right down to the toilet paper holder!

We had a steam shower too.
I did use that.
Now I want one at our house too.
(That's probably not going to happen anytime soon though.)
We looked at each other and admitted that all we had done during our vacation was soak, steam, sauna, go out to eat, sleep, watch tv and read, whenever we weren't running off to work. slugs.
And frankly it was becoming more than a bit boring.
I never thought it would be possible to get burned out on soak, swim, steam, sauna, sleep, eat and tv/movie watch.
Let me just say that is quite possible.

We tried to sit on the porch.
And agreed that deck sitting was better at home.

Even the coffee table had bears...
I finished the Eye of Moloch during the 24 hrs  Bernie was in Dallas.
Pretty good book; fast read.
Thursday afternoon we went fishing on the Weber River.
It was nice, just like it was last year.
And as it is so often during regular weeks...the twenty minute drive to the Weber is something we do quite often.
(If you remember the post about hoar frost on the river...the Weber River was where those photos were taken. We go there year around.)
Friday afternoon we walked around admiring wild flowers and eating at the same Mexican restaurant that we eat at each time we stay in Park City.
Saturday morning I was ready to go home but didn't want to say it....we still had another full day at the beautiful resort.
Around mid morning Bernie said he had something kind of weird to ask me.
What would I think about packing up and going home a day early?
I thought he would never ask!
What can I say.
The resort was fabulous.
But right then...there was no place like home for us.
I think that really says a lot about us.
We love adventure.
We do that best at home.
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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have never done a vacation like this --my husband and I always seem to want to "go go go" and sight see! That is why we would never buy into a time share.

Your accommodations looked beautiful! I am giggling over the bear decor! ;)

ellen b. said...

This looks like a great spot. Our friends have a steam shower. I hated cleaning it when I was doing my housecleaning work while Dear was in school. It did seem like a great thing to have, though...

Vee said...

Well I think it is wonderful to have time to just relax even if you did cry uncle. I've been wondering about that book. And there is something else I wanted to respond to, but have forgotten. Oh! I remember! Thai food...are you also crying uncle on that?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The book is a sequal to Overton Window, which was pretty good. Eye of Molech was facinating due to how the fictional book talked about everything that was going on the week it was released: IRS scandal, drones, phone tapping etc.
Thai food: about 2x a year is plenty for me. I don't mind missing a year now and then.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Oh, that's funny (that you ate the same thing at the same place two years running)!

I guess you were just too close to home. We usually go to Palm Springs to do that kind 'read and relax'(and eat) vacation...where there is no chance of cutting the vacation short!

Lovella ♥ said...

It all sounds beautiful and lovely and I can totally see why you wanted to go home. It all makes sense to me. You have such a beautiful spot at home and really isn't it more about the value of time?
I'll have to chat more with you about good reading material for my summer vacation.

Repeating the same vacation sounds so normal to me. When I think we rarely do anything new and are content I think maybe it is sometimes more about needing rest and boredom allows for that.

Sara said...

You certainly had a busy week . . . and I think I agree the best place for relaxing is in our own homes. I'm relaxing right now, trying to heal from a bad cold I caught in San Diego.