Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How we spent (the rest) of Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday...we rested.
We were so tuckered out from all the work (see previous post!)
The house looked like it had been ram sacked by Huns.
Around one o'clock it was obvious that either we should tackle cleaning up inside or get outta town.
We chose the latter option.
A drive out to the Heber Valley and on to the Upper Provo River was a great escape and mini holiday.
Spring has brought forth the aspen leaves; driving through the green groves reminded us that aspen autumn splendor is only one facet of aspen beauty.

I love that we can drive along roads like this and hardly pass a single car, even on a holiday weekend.
(Guess my southern California upbringing haunts me still. There, a trip to the great outdoors is just as human congested as a trip to the mall on a sale day.)

We did make a note to come this way again in autumn.

Some year I want to do the autumn drives in a convertible....

After a bit we arrived at our destination:
The Upper Provo River.
Bernie and I have made lots of fishing trips to the Middle and Lower Provo.
This was our first "look-see" at the Upper portion.
The Jordanelle Reservoir is at the top of the photo above.

The spring run off has created water paths through meadows and even made for colliding streams; the wake in the middle of the picture above is where two streams met head on.

I just puttered along pathways while Bernie tried a bit of fly fishing.

The bird songs were delightful.
I saw several flashes of yellow meadow lark and could hear their sweet notes over the sound of the  running waters.

A few yellow flowers were in bloom.

The wooden plank walkways were just the thing to be able to walk over the flooded meadows.

Tiny streamlets pushed their paths through lush green grasses.

I watched as thunderheads began to form.


The colliding streams.

The cottonwood is in bloom.

I had not taken the time to really look at the blooms before.
Quite colorful.
The webby cotton that covers the buds was interesting.
I kept thinking my photos were out of focus until I realized the webby white on the blossom tips was actually there and not a focus error.

One meadow was solid dandelion puffs.

I couldn't quite capture the iridescent glow on each puff.

Next to where we parked our car there was this pavilion down a short pathway.
I thought it would be such a great place to have a wedding and reception.
The views in every direction were outstanding.
The price certainly was right...just a $100 cleaning deposit?
A multi flush toilet rest room was just a short walk away on the other side of the parking lot.

Apparently the swallows thought it was a perfect place to raise a family.
Just try to collect that from a bird!

What a mess!

It looked as though one nest had already been knocked down by the rangers.
The bird looked a bit peeved.
I felt the same way.
The birds should nest somewhere else; I didn't even want to sit in the pavilion as long as the birds were active.

Back outside larger birds were soaring on thermal air.

The group of four...nest mates?

They looked so relaxed as they glided about.
I hadn't seen Bernie for about an hour and decided to head back to the main river to see if I could find him.

As I walked through a campground area along concrete walk ways I thought this really is a tame area.
The concrete ended at the river bank where I found myself exchanging stares with a marmot!

The critter stared and stared as I took slow steps to get closer.
He would duck down, then pop back up for another look at me.

So cute.

I was about five feet from him when he finally stopped popping back up.

Bernie was just a few yards away down the river.

Not great fishing water...too muddy and swift right now.
We are pleased to see that the camp ground area is quite nice though.
The newspaper had reported that all but a few Utah campgrounds were fully booked for the holiday weekend.
Guess they didn't know about this one...I saw three camp sites with campers and the rest went unused!

Just a few more random shots.

I like how this wild flower produces pink and purple blossoms side by side.
Even the dandelions look nice up close.
(I like them so much better when they are not "puffing" out on my lawn!)

The same dandelion, seconds later after a breeze whipped by!
We finished the day off by stopping in a small town named Camus for dinner at "Mike's Burgers".
Funny how you can tell when a small town diner has great food:
A steady stream of cars pulled in to the drive through, and another steady stream of folks went inside to order.
Grilling a burger at home should be easy enough, so why do so many folks come to a little restaurant instead?
One bite into our burgers let us know.
Was it the home made ciabatta buns or the sweet onions or the flavorful meat?
The tangy pickles?
The fry sauce?
(Utah prides itself on their fry is a kind of catsup/mustard/something else mix that I have never found anywhere else).
Each bite we kept going "Oh my gosh! oh my gosh, this is sooo good!"
I won't even start on the FRESH banana thick real ice cream milk shake except to say we weren't the only ones ordering that amazing treat.
Crazy huh?
Good times in small town America.
Those that we honor on Memorial Day would surely approve that such a kind of day is enjoyed still in America.



Vee said...

I truly think you're right. There is nothing they would enjoy more than knowing that people are still able to enjoy a delicious hamburger or the beautiful views or a ball game. What's that old quote from Patton? We should not mourn those fallen we should rather thank God that there had been such men...or something like that.

As always, amazing photos!

ellen b. said...

Beautiful country, beautiful photos! Glad you chose the option to hit the road. Now I want a burger!

Pondside said...

What a beautiful day you must have had. I can imagine the bird song and bubbling water, from your description. I've never seen cottonwood - beautiful!
Your post was like a wee holiday.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh what a fantastic way to finish memorial day weekend. I thought myself that it would be lovely to see wedding photos there.
Was that a marmot? We have marmots here in Manning Park and they look much like that.
And the food...sounds delicious!
We have cottonwood here too but the cotton buds look different. Must be more than one variety.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I think you had a most memorable long weekend Sunday! You needed a break from that deck.

The marmot reminded me of our time in Alaska...where they were poking their heads up around every nook and cranny as we hiked.

You almost have me persuaded to head to Utah to visit Mike's Diner!!!