Monday, December 31, 2012

Sixth Day of Christmas: Sunday

There was church in the morning.
Some cleaning up around the house.
Then I saw a few snowflakes fall whoosh!
Back up to Millcreek.


Love the transparent daisy and roses!

The six sided plates are really common; they fall like specks from the sky.

I of course am hunting for the more detailed shapes.

It was awfully pretty up there...and jammed packed with folk going cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, and dog walking.
That's typical for a Sunday afternoon.

Still in my power suit and snow boots, I drove the fifteen minutes downtown to the library to load up on books.
Salt Lake City Library is so awesome!

I checked out six books, one dvd, and then in the library store I found seven picture books that I bought for 50 cents apiece. 
The library's "gift" to everyone: an entire cart full of books all priced at fifty cents!

So cold...such a beautiful sunset!

When I got back home I ripped into the Rum Cake Bernie had brought home from Puerto Rico a few weeks back.
There has been some chatter about evolution among my scientific/academic friends on Facebook.
One friend (since kindergarten!) is university professor who declared that he would always follow any statement about evolution with the disclaimer of it being something that occurs under intelligent design, (not just by chance in other words, but one can decide for one's own self what "intelligent" means.)
As I munched the cake I mused to myself about the part of the scientific/academic community who feels that evolution just happens.
Like wheat evolved and rum and leavening agents and heat source and just like that Rum Cake arrived on the planet earth!
Rum Cake isn't nearly as complex as a human why shouldn't it be a product of evolution without intelligent design?
After all, I didn't see anyone make this sucker.
For all I know it just evolved somehow or another in the airport gift shop.
And was bought by another bit of evolution, that being my husband.
I probably shouldn't mention about how the beach sand evolved just by chance to make my computer....

Well, the cake was good but I had made the mistake of smelling the Chinese food scent from the restaurant across the street from the library.
Bernie asked me what I had planned for dinner.
(Me happily munching rum cake after a day of mostly goofing off..plan dinner? Who, me?)
I suggested we find a Chinese place to eat.
So we did.
It wasn't all that great but on the way out we saw this in the parking lot:

A tree completely encased in ice.
We stared at the restaurant's leaking roof gutter and marveled at how beautiful the tree was and what a bummer it was that the restaurant owners were probably going to have to do some repairs after winter.

I posted the picture on Face Book after we got home.

Another one of my high school buddies (a Christian) saw the photo and commented:

"Amazingly beautiful. God's handiwork for sure."

That made me I posted back:

"God's getting the blame for a leaky gutter line?"
My comment earned a "like" from my other FB high school classmate who is a math Phd and definitely NOT a Christian.

Cracked me up....sometimes even I have to smile at our Christian/non-Christian on-going talks that have now been going on for well over forty years.

And it wouldn't surprise me to find us still having these kind of zingers for years and years to come.


Vee said...

But not into eternity and there lies the rub. I gasped to see that scene so beautifully framed, Jill. Scrumptious photography. I hope that that one might be found framed one day in your home. You're going to run out of walls so you'll have to create books. They're so easy to do. Have you done them yet? Your photos; your prose or poetry perhaps...

My sister brought us one of those rum cakes from Puerto Rico and some coffee. The coffee we really, really liked a lot. Sorry that the Chinese food was not wonderful. Keep looking.

Happy New Year to you both!

ellen b. said...

I'm chuckling here over Vee's comment about the cake avoiding it and mentioning coffee instead. I'm thinking the cake was not a hit. How did you like it?
Love each and every snow flake photo you have gotten. Beautiful.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Like Vee said...'but not into eternity and there lies the rub'. One day there will be no more discussion...and every knee will bow!

You take the best snowflake photos. Amazing how they just 'happen' to form such intricate designs!

Rum cake, Chinese food, library bonanza and ice-encased trees...your 6th day of Christmas was a winner.

Vicki said...

How was that rum cake? I can get the very same ones locally and have been tempted to try one.