Friday, November 02, 2012

Celebrations of November

November is off to a grand start.

Each morning I am thankful for the autumn beauty outside my window.
Thankful for my warm mug of pumpkin spice latte.
Thankful for a new table in our kitchen area (replacing a shabby chic "just for now" table that had legs that didn't cooperate with our legs at all...)
I spent November 1st, the Day of the Dead or All Soul's Day, depending on your cultural upbringing, attacking a long list of neglected household tasks.
Some cultures really have a great time celebrating the Day of the Dead with humorous skeletons and breads shaped like skulls.
I took a pass on all that fun.

The cats...did not.

I am not sure exactly which cat provided the Day of the Dead feast.
Truthfully, we have never seen any of our cats successfully nail a bird, although Bitsy has from time to time come close.

It must of been one heck of a celebration.
Feathers were every where, even in the leaf filled water fountain.
(Another task on my never ending "to do" list: drain and store the fountain for winter.)

With November comes the season of Thanksgiving.
The reminding sign is hung by our front door, and on the page facing my "to do" list is now a daily thanks list that gets added to through out the day.

A bit of raffia, spent sunflowers and peony foliage with other bits from the garden has been tied to our lamp post.
The Indian corn will likely be appreciated by our neighborhood deer.
I am willing to risk that happening.
Didn't take much time to tie all the pieces on to the lamp post and now I see it out our front window and think it looks quite festive.
Today is Nov. 2.
My beloved Mr. B's 59th birthday!
He is in San Antonio today and will return home around 4 pm after a week's absence.
The past month he has been home about four days all together; work and family needs have taken him to Edmondson Canada, London England, San Diego California, and Greenville South Carolina, with stops in a handful of other cities as well.
We are hoping his suitcase will be tucked away for awhile after today.
Tonight...we celebrate both him coming home and his last birthday as a fifty something old man!


ellen b. said...

So Bernie and Dear are the same age! Next year we'll have to put on the ritz for their 60th! I like your November shots. Say Happy Birthday to Bernie for me!

Lorrie Orr said...

November is starting out beautifully in your corner of the world.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Vee said...

May it be a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday to Bernie!

Oh my, that poor bird never knew what hit him.

Your dining area looks so beautiful with all that autumn splendor just beyond the glass. And yay for furniture that fits you properly. I'm still waiting for mine.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to Bernie!

Love your November decor.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your blog so much, Jill. We felt so sorry not to have sent our boy a card, but he was in our thoughts, as you all are , always. We do so hope he can put his suitcase away for a long while. Have had a some unexpected health setbacks and have not been on the computer for a few days, you can call and will explain more. Not to worry, hospice is taking good care of me. Happy Birthday, Bernie,a day late. Love youso much. Love to all, mom and dad S.

Lovella ♥ said...

Happy Birthday B! I am so happy the month of travelling is behind you and you can concentrate on keeping the home fires burning...up close and personal.

Your dining room table is perfect there...and I love your light post too.
OH..and kudos to the feline huntress.

Vicki said...

My niece, who has this addiction to jumping out of airplanes, lives in Edmonton, AB! She's an instructor...if Bernie wants to celebrate his 60th next year by skydiving, I can put him in touch with her! ;)

Love the fall colors! It still looks like summer around here, although a very tired summer.