Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Vacation Wrap Up

Hot enough for ya?
It has been in the high 90's here since we came home from our vacation.
It wasn't quite that hot up in Park City....

But it was warm enough to make me buy a snow cone.
Usually I stick with cherry/blue raspberry mix
 (very Summery patriotic don't you know...)
This year I gave into a rainbow mix.
The banana flavoring sounded good for some reason.
It was really good.
The only problem was something that I sadly learned as a six year old:
When all the pretty colors of the rainbow are mixed together....

The mix turns a disappointing shade of brown.
So that meant I didn't get a cute (cuter?) picture of a purple or blue tongue this year.
Maybe a theological lesson can be learned here:
The rainbow colors on high are a promise to the earth.
So when they mix together on earth...they make brown, just like the earth.
OK...so maybe I should leave theology up to other people.

We only ate out four times...twice to the Mexican place on the resort grounds, once to a Thai restaurant and once to a burger joint.
Their homemade slaw and chips were great, as was the barbeque sandwich.

Under the heading of:

You Know You Are In Park City When...

The burger joint's beer list begins with Champagne.
Offered at $250 a bottle.

'Cuz when you are on vacation in PC, money is no object!
At least not for the Sundance  Film Festival crowd...

Yes, it was warm, but whenever we head out for the river I wear long sleeves and long pants that can be zipped off to short pants length.
And a wide brimmed  hat.
Not an especially flattering look but I favor outfits that prevent sunburns and bug feasting when possible for riverside wear.

A prettier photo...the columbine were blooming in an array of color combinations.
I still like the white/periwinkle blue combo the best. 

Another evening of fishing.... 

No catches this time.
I ditched my long pants and went wading.
The water was so cold I don't know how Bernie stood it out there.

We were watched....

Back at the resort a pool side band played some great accoustical music.
Wrapped up in a paro, I danced a few steps as I passed before them on our way back to our room.
I, with notable lack of rhythm, got a round of polite applause from the crowd.
Seriously, I just kinda bounced a bit as I walked.
Didn't take much to get that crowd's approval.

Peony were blooming all around the pool area.

Now they were applause worthy, in my opinion.

Hadn't encountered this peony variation before.
Looks like ribbons are shooting out of the flower's middle.

Friday at 10am we had to be checked out.
Our kitchen...where all that was cooked during vacation was one poached trout, toast and coffee.

Our living room where we watched a movie or two, read and were mostly just plain lazy.

One movie of the movies we watched.
The title translates "With all my heart".
Which meant two very different things to the male and female lead.
 I had purchased the dvd after reading about the opening musical dance number which was amazingly filmed atop of a moving train over five days, with no "blue screen" or any other post production magic.

The dvd arrived the day before we left for vacation.
Turned out to be a great movie...with amazing scenery.

It would be great to just watch the beautiful filming without the sound.

Or listening to the music without the pictures,

 Or just reading the story.

The train scene...you can watch it below.
Hang in there past the 45 seconds mark when the song really begins.
After that...this song is one that makes one want to move!
And maybe take up belly dancing!
(The belly dancing woman is quite famous in other parts of the world for her dancing skills).
How crazy daring filming was that?


And this was how the "Exit" scene of our Park City 2012 vacation looked.  Like our vacation, it was nothing fancy...just nice.


Sara said...

Fun video. I would have been scared to death to be dancing atop that train as it went over that high trestle!!!

Vee said...

You are truly one of the most interesting bloggers I know. Talk about eclectic! I was 46 seconds into the video when I remembered what it all reminded me of...YOU!
Those peonies are amazing. I'm surprised that they bloom in those temperatures. Hope that you've got more interesting plans for the summer. (Our plans just got nixed...violent thunderstorms predicted for the day tomorrow.)

Kathleen Lisson said...

Hmmm... I will have to look that movie up for the family. Thanks for the tip!

ellen b. said...

Those peonies are beautiful. I can see how that music would get ya movin! Looks like you picked a great vacation spot. I would be dressed like you to protect from bugs and sun and blackberry vines...

Lovella ♥ said...

It looks just lovely. I am so glad you took time for a familiar and relaxing get away.

Happy Independence day Jill!

Janice said...

Wish I could move like that girl.