Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fishing the Weber

After the Sunday garden tour we stayed home a night, then returned to Park City and back to our vacation.
A trip to the Weber River was an easy drive, about twenty minutes away.
Prime fishing spot!
Beautiful too.

Being June the roses were in bloom along the riverbanks.

The cottonwood was cotton-y too.

Bernie wades right in...

I can see baby fish in the water.

I am so glad Bernie loves to stream fish as he is happy doing what he likes and I am happy to explore along the stream, taking pictures and enjoying watching birds and butterflies and such.

The distinctive profile of a Cedar Waxwing with the pointy head.

Bernie got a hook up almost right away.


He released the fish...personally I love poached trout for breakfast so I would rather he hang on to them...

How seriously gorgeous is this?

And another one...

I have a perfect perch to watch the action.
The rocks were quite hot however.
Almost uncomfortably hot...made me wish I had been wearing shorts and water shoes so I could have waded around a bit.

As the sun set I wished I had remembered to apply bug spray.
I waved a good bye to Bernie and headed back to the car.

I enjoyed watching the breezes wisk the grasses in this meadow where our car was parked until Bernie joined me a few minutes later.


RoeH said...

I love it up there. So beautiful.

Vee said...

That photograph was seriously beautiful without question. I was going to ask about the bugs, though you answered immediately. Glad that Bernie doesn't take long to catch up!

Kathie said...

Now that's Roger's idea of a perfect day! He does catch and release as well. Since I don't like trout, that's fine with me.

You were mentioning including lupins and swimming in the same visit up here - the water would be mighty cold :) Lupins are June and swimming is July, August and some of Sept. Unless you're a bit of seal like me - I extend the season to Oct :)

ellen b. said...

Seriously gorgeous for sure! The best of both worlds for the two of you. Fishing and photography. Love it and all your photos!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Bernie is a skilled fisherman, and you are a skilled photographer, Jill. A good combination! The scenery is beautiful there.

I hope the Navigators and your friends in Colorado Springs will be safe, and also their property. I am praying for a good long soaking rain to arrive across the entire burning areas of the West.

Sara said...

It's beautiful with all the green growing things. Don't think I've seen tree green face of Utah before out there in the country anyway.

Rosella said...

What a great post - I felt like I was enjoying the riverside right there with you. You have captured the moments so beautifully. Bernie is a great fisherman and your photos and words are stunning.

Pondside said...

I used to love to go fishing with TGD - he'd fish and I'd read and sip tea from a thermos. Perhaps it's time to find the old fishing rod....

Janice said...

The photographs are very beautiful, seriously. Are these scenes of Utah?

Frank's Girl said...

May I ask permission to use some of these beautiful pictures for watercolor practice? They are exceptional.

Let me know.

Virginia in Texas

Frank's Girl said...

May I have permission to use some of these pictures for a watercolor? I the Weber River ones. It would be good practice for me.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Love those fishing pic's! Like Ellen an fotography make a fine couple. Your interrupted vacation seems to be continuing right along nicely.

Lovella ♥ said...

So beautiful. I just thought here how much enjoyment Terry and Bernie could have together and you and I wandering about taking photos of them and the surroundings.
I love the "nice" photo. Amazing photos.