Sunday, April 15, 2012

How I spent my 58th Birthday.

April 14th...the day of the year that the Titanic sank, Lincoln was shot, the big Icelandic volcanic eruption that shut down European airspace happened, and I was born.
I am pleased that my parents did not consider my birth to be yet another 4/14 disaster!

When I was born, Mom was given a flower arrangement in a sweet little baby buggy shaped vase.
When I  had my babies the vase carried flower of welcome again.
And yesterday...the 58 year old vase was filled once again in order to perform its traditional "Welcoming Baby Home" duties.

Luke was brought home in a sleeper I had given him, one with choo choo trains scattered about.
His great, great Grandfather Albert Kiester worked for the Union Pacific Rail seemed like an appropriate motif to wear on his travels home.

I had spent the day hoping Luke would come home on my birthday.
A bit of jaundice slowed down his release.
He will be sleeping for a while resting on a blue glowing pad that fixes that common new baby situation.
He looked a bit like a glow worm with the blue light shining from inside his swaddling wrap.

We brought dinner was already well into the evening by the time they got home.
Luke was fed, and is latching on nicely to his pacifier too.

I intend to be a very smart grandmother.
I had read about how often bringing a new baby home can cause jealousy problems with older sibling.

Big Brother Cheeto did look a bit jealous, didn't he?

Yup, definitely has his nose out of joint.
Or what little bit of nose that he has was contorted into a "not amused" expression.
But I had thought ahead and was ready for this.

"Look Cheeto...Mim brought you a balloon with a RIBBON just for you!"
(I happen to know Cheeto just can't resist playing with a ribbon...)

Was I right or was I right?
Playing with the ribbon, tasting the ribbon...its all good.
And so was my 58th birthday.
In fact, I would say it was my best birthday ever!


Vee said...

Happy Birthday Weekend, Jill. Luke may be the best birthday gift ever. The continuity in your family is impressive. Who else even has the vase from that long ago...well, not THAT long ago. I have always thought that babies with a bit of jaundice have the most beautiful complexions. Luke is no exception.

Vicki said...

What a wonderful way to spend your birthday, Jill! I love the tradition of the baby buggy vase. May it continue to welcome home many generations of babies. :)

Luke is surprisingly alert for one so young! I remember that Aiden just wanted to sleep. He wasn't interested in looking around much then...unlike now, haha!

Sara said...

A very special way to celebrate! I love the little family traditions you've created, like that baby buggy vase with flowers, and the choo choo trains on Luke's sleeper hearkening back to a forefather...things that say "family" to your loved ones.

Your jacket is gorgeous, by the way.

Cheeto looks quite happy with his special ribbon.

So, what grandmotherly title have you chosen for yourself? Grandma Jill, Grandmother Spriggs, Nana, Oma, or...??? Whichever it may be, you seem to have taken to your new role with grace and wisdom.

ellen b. said...

A birthday you'll never forget! Wonderful. Boy that really was a look on cat's face!!

Lovella ♥ said...

Best Birthday ever! I love that. I can't wait to see more photos of that cute little fellow. He looks so alert for a baby who is jaundiced.
You are so thoughtful to think about the trains and and flowers in the special vase.

And smart too! I hope the kitty forgets his jealousy real quick.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy birthday and congratulations of becoming a grandmother, Jill!!! Luke is so adorable! I loved your "welcome wagon" filled with flowers for him.

Cheeto does look jealous, out for him!

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love this birthday story in pictures! My father's family worked on the railroad, too, so I loved the baby outfit.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Jill! Such a special gift!

Kathie said...

A very Happy Birthday Jill!! I'm sure it's one of the best! Your wee grandboy is a sweetie! And you were very thoughtful with the balloon for Cheeto :) His expression made me laugh!