Sunday, April 08, 2012

He Arose!

Just in case anyone was wondering...our family proudly proclaims that we welcome Easter!

Spring fresh colors and iconic figures are added to our home.
(The new print above the mantel was a photo of a baby gull taken up in Seattle last summer).

It doesn't take much to change out our decorations to spring time.
A basket is filled with potted primroses and a ceramic bunny get a fresh bow around his neck.

Some gardening related books are selected from our book titles.

This year I found a new table runner to freshing up the Easter dinner table setting.

My mom made the bunny years ago and together we made the ceramic eggs.
The dishes...I selected as a sixteen year old.
The pink goblets belonged to my paternal grandmother.
The silverware belonged to my maternal grandmother.

The cat in the window, Hart, was acquired at the Houston Humane Society about eleven years ago.

The remind us of our Passover Lamb who was slain for our sins.
(I miss having Passover with my Messianic friends. Eating the Passover meal makes the Easter season  so much more real to me).

Easter bonnet...with all the trim upon it.A simple black skirt and white shirt was all that needed for an Easter outfit. 

Every Easter morning I wonder what the sermon will highlight.
Today...we looked at the event through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.
I learned something from the message.
Scripture mentions that Joseph of Ariamatha was a member of the Jewish Counsel.
Apparently he revered Christ greatly as he gave his newly hewed and very expensive garden tomb.

What I didn't know before:

The laws in Israel at the time of Christ's death were such that a criminal could not share a grave.

To be crucified was the way a criminal was killed.
Joseph's very costly newly hewn tomb was a structure designed to serve as a tomb for his entire family.

He knew that by allowing crucified Jesus to be buried in the tomb he would have to pay to have another tomb made.

It just astonishes me that there are still details to learn about the circumstances of the death and resurrection of my Savior. 

Tate *may* get decorated too...just can't decide what color bow to use...

I hadn't planned on cooking an Easter dinner as the doctor had told our daughter-in-law for months that she would be induced once she was one week over due.
I figured the new little family would just be getting home from the hospital on Easter...and taking a simple meal over to their house would make more sense.
The doctor changed her mind.
The new "latest date before induction" is next Friday.
I have to say it was a gloomy change of plans.
 We were all geared up for a baby this weekend.
Please be praying that Luke will arrive soon!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I loved seeing your beautiful table and your home decor. It looks so fresh like spring and so special to think that many of those items have been cared for over the years.

I was hoping of course that there would be an announcement today...but alas..we wait.

I will pray that Luke comes on his own without having to be induced. ..and sooner rather than later.

Vicki said...

Happy Easter to you, my friend! I love your bonnet - so pretty and stylish! (What did you do to your finger?)

Your Easter table looks sweet and inviting, too. Perhaps young Luke will choose his own time this week before the doctor does. :)

Have you lost weight? You're looking slim and trim!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Um...I was snipping a plastic cord with kitchen shears and caught my finger tip. Almost cut off a chunck the size of a pea. Bloody ouch.

Pondside said...

You look beautiful in your Easter Bonnet, Jill! You will be pleased to know that I have found the MOB suit and a wonderful bit of frippery made of tulle and feathers to wear on my my head - thought of you as I tried it on.
Your table looks beautiful! One day you will have to show Luke what he missed by taking his time to be born!
Funny, but at our Easter lunch today my dad and I talked about Mary Magdalene.

ellen b. said...

Love your symbols. Your table looks fabulous. Love those green goblets! Come on Luke...grammy is waiting. So what are you going to be called anyway? Have you decided?

Just a little something from Judy said...

Visiting your blog this early morning hour, was a great way to start out my week. What a beautiful post you shared! The tablescape was so sentimentally and colorfully shared. I like how you give the origins of each piece. As for you in your Easter attire...another beautiful aspect of this post! Makes me want to wear a hat next Easter.

I have the exact same two books on my side table as you do. Love both of the books!

As for the info shared from your sermon, I found that very interesting too. The more I learn of that whole amazing event, the more thrilled I am to be one of God's children. Thanks for sharing it all.

Happy Monday! So excited for the birth of baby Luke.

Marg said...

Yes, I drove home from church thinking the same old message for how many years? I too am astonished what we can still pull together and let our minds ponder on the historical accounts that give life to this earth for today.

Kathleen Lisson said...

Wonderful Easter hat! I am looking for inspiration on wearing a hat with clothing other than a dress. This is a great example! I like the button details on the shirt. It seems so feminine.

RoeH said...

I heard an attorney speak once on the whole thing about Jesus' death and they broke law after law after law enacted at that time to get him crucified. It was just fascinating.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I realized I had missed a few posts here...and quickly scrolled down to see if I missed the birth announcement. Nope. Still waiting.

Your Easter tablescape looked most lovely. And your Easter bonnet...perfect! Happy Easter Monday to you (that is printed on our Canadian calendar today...though not in the USA, I hear). And may Luke come quickly!

a woman who is said...

Oh dear I am praying! That last week can be sooo miserable! Lol... I just got through one with my daughter.

You table is amazing. I personally love pink and green. The table runner is a definite hit. The hat is lovely, and I think it is grand that you wear one. I keep thinking I should try to pull it off one day. Maybe for my daughter's wedding?

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you have "generations" and "memories" represented at your Easter table.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I hope you had a very Happy and Blessed Easter and that baby Luke will be here to bring everyone joy very soon! My Daughter-in-law was due for induction with grandson #1 but he came on his own the day before -- much easier that way! :)