Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goshiki Koto Hime

Our Goshiki Koto Hime arrived last Friday.
Tate positioned  himself for snoopervising duties.

 Bitsy on the other hand was clearly stunned that we were getting a Goshiki Koto Hime at all!

(I am not sure what Goshiki Koto Hime means...it is a Japanese name, but perhaps it sounds similar to some words in the Siamese dialect that Bitsy knows.  Maybe that was what had her looking so shocked. Who knows what Goshiki Koto Hime means in Siamese).

And what exactly is a Goshiki Koto Hime anyway? 

See for yourself!

The small leafed green barked Japanese maple captured Bernie's heart when he saw it at our local Japanese maple carrying garden center.

The leaves will be dark green in summer then yellow orange in fall.

Some additional landscaping elements will be added later; likely some rocks and low mounding conifers.
You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but these two guys are Japanese maple addicts.
They sneak off to the Millcreek garden center and skulk around the Japanese maples whenever they have a few moments to spare.
Phone calls are rapidly made when ever a new Japanese maple shipment arrives.
When they are hard up for a "fix" they even will drop by the Big Box nursery areas just to see what maples might turn up in there.

They both own a guide book to Japanese maple and do their best to speak the Japanese words that have been give to each variety as names.
So far I just know a few English structural terms like coral bark, green bark, weeping, vase shaped and things like that.
I have learned to ask if a particular maple likes sun or shade, and how tall it will get.
I've also learned to ask about the structural shape...will it mound as a weeper, be leggy or more triangular shaped when full grown.
I've learned that Japanese maples really glow when planted where the morning and sunset sunlight can best shine through the leaves.
And that the color of the bark can make the tree look fantastic even after the leaves have been shed for winter.
And yes...this species bark actually is closer to turquoise than green right now.

The added fun was learning that this fairly uncommon species is rarely found and sold, and rarely found to be much taller than four feet high.
Even at that  4" height the species sells for a pretty good amount.
Our six footer was acquired for about a fourth of the guide book pricing.
Ahhh...it was a gorgeous tree to begin with, and now it has double our reasons for happiness.
Wonder if that is what its name means?
Double Happiness?
Could be...
If only that cat Bitsy could talk!


Vicki said...

I love Japanese maples! They come in so many colors and sizes and shapes...and you're right: the rising and setting sunlight brings out the best in them.

I don't speak/read Japanese, but Goshiki loosely translates to 'five colors' and I'll bet the Koto Hime is someone's name.

Vee said...

What gorgeous color on that trunk. Hmmm...amazing what people love. I'm a lover of the Tri-Colored Beech myself and will travel far to see one.

That cat's expression is priceless!

Sara said...

Bitsy says it all! What an expression.

Now you can document a year in the life of a Goshiki Koto Hime with your photography skills.

Love the turqouise bark.

Sara said...

Translation: Multi colored tiny harp. I found it here: http://www.miniforest.com/acpagokohimt.html

Sara said...

And more detail: “Goshiki” means multicolored or variegated, “koto” means a Japanese harp, and “hime” is “small and pretty”, or a princess. Found this at MapleWiki...

Dolores said...

Does it mind snow? I like the turquoise bark. The cat's expression is priceless.

ellen b. said...

It looks like a beauty. With a name like that it can't be anything but wonderful. LOL! Enjoy. The trunk is really cool!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It looks like Sara came up with the translation. It sounds like a lovely tree...in any language. May it give you long-lasting happiness!

Anneliese said...

Those are beautiful cats, I must say! They look like they are both showing off their best side.

Lovella ♥ said...

I love your new maple. I am also very attracted to any maple tree...and Japanese maples are so pretty.
We had one at our first home that grew very slow and even now when we drive by thirty years later it is still beautiful and compact.

Kathie said...

Bitsy's expression is hilarious!

Looking forward to pictures of your new Japanese maple.

Kathie said...

ooh love the translation too!