Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barbara's Birthday!

On March 3rd, we attended the birthday celebration of another such millionaire.

Her eldest great grandchildren are in college, her youngest great grand is due to be born in few day.

Born in 1930, she grew up and became an adult, birthed three children, grandmothered nine grandchildren, and will have the joy of meeting her seventh great grandchild soon.
Fifty nine years of marriage to a fine man.
A simple life, hardly likely to find its way into history books, but then again, when has history books ever noted the peaceful women who are good wives, good mothers and good neighbors?

A few days ago I heard someone refer to her own grandmother as being having been elderly and in her eighties.
I had to smile...the person herself was deeper into her eighties than her own grandmother had ever been.
Eighty used to be considered quite elderly.

I just don't think of my Mother-by-love as being much more than on the high side of middle years.

I do so hope she gets her wish...

(Eighty two separate candles might have posed a fire risk...don't you think the numbers declare the birthday number better anyway?)

Only a few grandchildren were there for the day.
Her fourth grandchild Gwynn...

(And yes, her eyes really are that amazing shade of blue!)

Daughter Shari was able to be there...she lives in Kentucky now so birthday attendance isn't a given anymore.
Bernie and I were there too.  It was the first time Bernie and Shari had seen each other in a few years...and certainly it has been years since they were together for their mother's birthday.
The scary looking guy?
Shari's husband Joe. 
(Actually that's a pretty good picture of him...not!)

Hal...Barbara's fella for the past 59 years.

The blond guy...Barbara's seventh grandchild Jeff, soon to be the father of Barbara's seventh great grandchild, a boy named Luke.
The brunette...Gwynn's husband of less than a year...John.
Barbara had just gotten released after an overnight hospital stay the day before and while I wish we had been able to have celebrated her day with lots of hoop-de-lah and dancing, I think the quiet at home celebration turned out to be the best for her after all.

We'll save the celebration with all the trimmings for another time...and oh what a party that one will be!

Love you Barbara!


ellen b. said...

A lovely 82 year old! Happy birthday to her! That's great that you could all be there to celebrate her day! Blessings...

Vee said...

Such a beautiful birthday gal! She has a smile that lights up the room and, you're right, she certainly does not look her age. Your niece has beautiful eyes and looks so much like her mother. Bet that she hears that all the time. It's always fun to get a glimpse into someone else's family ties. Happy Birthday to your mother-by-love!

RoeH said...

She looks pretty doggone good too. Happy Birthday and many many more. :))

Lovella ♥ said...

Thank you Jill! I so wanted to take time today to search through Jeff's wedding photo on his wedding post so I could remember Barbara's face....and here she is as beautiful as ever. She has the loveliest countenance on her face.

This is such a beautiful post...filled with love and tenderness. to you today! Jill has always spoken so highly of you that I feel as if I know you too!

Pondside said...

Barbara makes 82 look very good!....she is setting the bar very high. What a beautiful lady.

Dawn said...

She looks FABULOUS!!! Glad you could enjoy a celebration for her.
Happy birthday, Barbara!

Waiting for the news of Luke's arrival.
Love that name, BTW.
For obvious reasons.
Good name to grow old with...and a good one to holler out the back door while they grow up. ( My personal name test ) :D

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So glad you could all be there to celebrate her 82nd b'day. Blessings to her on her birthday...and in the days that lie ahead.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Barbara... I love someone who can celebrate a life well lived with a sparkle in her eye .. and many more blessed years to come !!

(Jill, I was laughing at your comment on my last post... I have exactly the same "GPS" as you ! If Vic isn't sure which way to go he asks me.. and then if I say right, he turns left!
I was wondering .. what would happen if you and I traveled together? Who would we listen to if we indicated opposite directions? or would we consistently both agree which was the 'right' way leaving us confident in taking the 'opposite'obviously correct direction!)