Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Pictures from a short hike we took the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Snow had tumbled down the small slopes beside the trail.
The naturally made snow balls always make me think of cartoon know which one's I am thinking of?

Avalanche warning kept us in areas where the elevations around us were gentle slopes.

The following Sunday (a week after my medical procedure) Bernie went cross country skiing up at Solitude, and I walked around the Solitude village a bit.

Flat snow "pancake" like designs floated atop a small stream whose soft burble was the only sound that was heard.

Solitude Village...

Lots of condos and time shares, most of which appeared to be vacant.

The clouds drifting just over the ridges to the west; rainbow accents embedded in the cloud's outlines.

Poor wee snow woman with the sad remains of summer floras bent beside her in the snow.

Ice dripped and shot rainbow jewels all about.

Never would I have thought to paint eaves orange and turquoise in a snowy mountain area, but you know what?
The color  scheme totally worked in the setting of white.

Never would have thought to add dried cranberries to a wild mushroom soup.
We didn't stay for lunch, but I snagged some cooking ideas from the menu anyway.

Huckleberry ice cream was enough of a treat.

Bernie caught up with me at the ice cream shop.
We shared the cone, then headed back down the canyon to our own home for dinner.

Just a nice Sunday afternoon mini get away.


Vee said...

Always such beauty you show us! You must be feeling much better to be out walking again. I do like those icicles against the bright colors.

ellen b. said...

Gorgeous snow photos! Love the snow rolls and pancakes. That menu looks very inspiring for sure. Blessings!

Kathy said...

I've been wishing for some snow.....we may have to take a day trip to Manning...snow shoeing and camp fire chilli. I still remember you joining us for the day at Manning.....we had rain....when we hoped for sunshine.
It was fun to walk around the lake that day with you and Lovella....getting to know a real live blogging friend:)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Love your snow walks! As for the snowballs made by nature...perfect. I can't say I've ever seen that. And I can't say I've ever had an ice-cream cone in the snow either!

Sara said...

So many things on that menu that I would love...I wouldn't have been able to pass up lunch. The finger skins for starters, with chipotle creme freche....or the flat bread...or the cheese fries...oh my!

I love that white, turquoise, orange combination!

Those naturally made snowballs are great...I never heard of such a thing before. But I'm drawing a blank on the cartoon...

Vee said...

Thanks for the tip you left me! I'm going to try that. Now, how about another did you get your post to repost? What am I overlooking?

Lovella ♥ said...

OH such wonderful photos.
The last two are my favorite though.

I'm with Kathy. .hoping for some snow.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your area of the country is so beautiful!

The rolls of snow were amazing to see as nature's "snowballs"!

I hope you are feeling better and stronger every day!

running wildly ❀ said...

The photos.....AMAZING!!!