Monday, November 07, 2011

The times, they are a'changing....

My Utah based grandcats Meowsie and Cheeto are not looking like grandbaby cats anymore.
No...they are all grown up now and are starting to look more like two elderly uncles.
(Or perhaps the old geezers on Sesame Street, you know the two I am talking about?)

When asked if I would like to come along on a crib shopping trip, I said yes of course.
Crib shopping turned into stroller/car seat shopping instead.
Jeff and Rachel had recently visited a city based friend with a new baby and had gotten to experience the challenges of navigating a stroller up stairs and down curbs and such.
Jeff noted that that experience had teed him up to watch stroller wielding parents in airports.
He noted which stroller models served as back breaking time intensive devices, and which seemed to provide parents effortless modes of baby transportation.

Based on those observations, he had already decided he wanted a three wheeled device with large blow up tires.
In fact, he had already decided that a steering a stroller should be similar to another familiar driving experience.
When he found this model, it was a "Eureka!" moment.
As Jeff put it: "This one is more like my golf cart".
(Jeff golfs a lot as part of his career; he is definitely not a weekend duffer on the golf course. The boy knows the finer points of golf cart selection for optimal golfing enjoyment).

He also noted that the more traditional baby buggies made him feel like he was back in preschool playing with toy dolls. 

I totally understood that. 

I felt the same way thirty three years ago when I was test driving strollers and buggies and such. It was such a sensory flash back to myself as a five year old that I could barely wrap my brain around the fact that I was now all grown up and yet still engaged in the same activity.

While the modern strollers lack a certain degree of charm, they do offer enhanced mobility, easy folding and even provide a jack for an ipod.
The pop out car seat/baby carrier had a unique triangle handle hold.  Oh it was SO much more comfortable to tote than the design I was stuck struggling with all those years ago.
(Just to try to see how it would really feel, three purses were tossed into the seat. The carrier still felt "right" arm wise.  That cinched the deal).

At home, the entire piece of equipment slid out of the box, and two wheels were popped on in a jiffy.
If you look closely you will see that the "jiffy-ness" was being tested with the couple's current wee one.

Poor Cheeto.
Oh, poor POOR Cheeto and Meowsie.
Life as you have known it is SO all about to change.
And this change is only the first of many to come.


ellen b. said... as everyone has known it will change soon. Oh my looks like you were in that scary store. My head spins when I walk into it!!

Kathie said...

Poor Meowsie and Cheeto - they're going to be ousted from their place of privilege.They don't look too happy about it :)

Great carriage! Isn't baby stuff shopping fun!

Vee said...

Wait a minute...are you announcing something very exciting in the most subtle way ever? Maybe I'm just imagining things...

Vicki said...

Meowsie and Cheeto won't know what to think when their entire world is turned topsy-turvy!

My world was spun a bit, too, when our little one's impending arrival was announced a few years ago. Shopping for baby items was not the same as it was "back when!" Just wait, thought you were an expert on baby and child care. Times have changed, my dear. I'm still overwhelmed sometimes. ;)

I'm so happy for you that you'll be nearby to watch your young Luke grow. I do miss out on a lot. Four or five visits each year just isn't enough.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Times are definitely a-changin'...and baby strollers are not one bit like they used to be. Here's what I know is important that grandparents have lessons in opening and collapsing strollers or the stroller is useless!

Lovella ♥ said...

What fun! Our kids did plenty of research as well and both came up with the three wheel approach but with seat underneath for a toddler ..which proved quite useful!
Did you have a carry car seat when you had tots? We only had the one strapped firmly in the car. Oh ..things have changed.
Is that Great Grandmother knitting in the mirror?

Sara said...

Baby equipment sure has changed in the past 30 years. And from Vicki's comment, it looks like a lot more has changed too. A big learning curve is coming up for everybody involved...even Meowsie and Cheeto!

Becky said...

Okay - I haven't visited in quite some time - but I think Congratulations are in order?!! I'm making the assumption you are entering the next phase of life that all my friends gloat about! Happy Grand days to you! :)