Tuesday, November 15, 2011


OK...so I am waaayyyy behind on posting. 
We (Bernie and I) went to the Oregon State University vs University of Utah game a couple of weekends ago.
We  had gone to the "here" game two years ago; that time we just purchased tickets locally and were greatly chagrined to find ourselves seated in a sea of red clad UofU fans.

This time...we smarted up and bought our tickets through OSU, and bought tickets to the OSU alumni "Tailgate" party as well.

Such a smart move it proved to be.

OSU orange and black was everywhere!

I didn't know a soul there besides Bernie (he being a Beaver by marriage...) but it still felt like a grand reunion, just like old times that actually never had happened before.
A lot of the attendees actually had flown in from Oregon to attend the game!
(The catered barbecue meal was awesome!)

My school fighting song playing Benny Beaver was hauled along with us to the event as usual.

A Benny Beaver game  hat...how cool is that?

I had spotted the orange wool pea coat in the window of Old Navy a couple of weeks earlier.  Just like that: it was MINE!
Ditto the orange hand bag from Macy's.
I mentioned my purchase to friend/fellow blogger Sara; she immediately set her knitting needles ablaze knitting me a scarf to complete the outfit.
The scarf arrive just in time for game day!

(I think the peacoat has an "Ann Marie-That Girl" vibe. 
I mentioned that observation to a 30something family member; she drew a blank on the cultural icon. 
It did my heart good to see good old Ann Marie's style mentioned in a recent issue of the trend setting 30 something focused Glamour magazine later. 
Guess I am not too out of date with my style references after all).

We so regret that while our long distance romance occurred while I attended school in Oregon, during that time he was living in San Diego.
We didn't have a chance to enjoy the typical college romance kind of dates like attending football games together.
Secretly...I think he is even a  better date now than he would of been way back when.

The Olympic flame structure from the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics is still installed in front of the stadium where we entered to attend the game.

A quick check of the weather forecast had me totally prepared to endure a very nippy game night.
I was hauling a canvas tote filled with items to get me through the evening in a modicum of warmth.
I also had a stadium cushion that was microwaved before we left for the event; it did keep my fanny nice and warm.
The wool OSU baseball hat was added early on in the evening.
(Please be sure to note and admire my Benny Beaver earrings!)

When my ears felt cold, I added a head band over the hat.
Later I pulled out my knee length down jacket.
And a grey blanket.
A fellow alumni kept looking at me as I went through all my wardrobe additions, asking me how many outfits had I brought along.
What could I say?
I just hate to be cold if I can avoid it.
The game itself?
Pretty awful.
It is a "rebuilding" year for my beloved Beavers and they are getting whooped all over their division, badly.
I don't care.
They were awful when I was at OSU as a student.
Actually, this game felt like old times!


Vee said...

You sure make the best dressed alumna there! That coat is great. I missed out on the entire football scene as my alma mater was more into basketball mercifully played indoors in nice warm buildings. Sweet.

Vicki said...

It's so much fun to "re-live" our collegiate days, isn't it? Doc and I dated throughout college and his first year of grad school, separated by four hours (not quite as far apart as you two). I sincerely believe that separation was a blessing as we were both maturing and learning and changing during that time...our once-per-month (if we were lucky!) visits during those four years kept us intrigued and interested!

I did manage to attend a couple of games at his university with him, while I was practically a permanent fixture at my college's basketball games (we were too small a school to have a football team back then).

I love your orange outfit...that pea coat is adorable (and yes, very Ann-Marie-like!) and Sara's scarf is the perfect addition!

ellen b. said...

You look great in orange!

Lovella ♥ said...

OH I love it! The coat and scarf and handbag and of course your date day! It is so fun to see other couples enjoying time together and you really do look happy!
Way to go. I'm cheering for good marriages!

Sara said...

Love the coat! It is very "That Girl" style. I've noticed a trend in that directly lately in the fashions I've seen around.