Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nothing like having a cat on the hearth to make a room feel cozy.
Since it isn't quite cool enough to justify a full fledged fire in the fireplace as of yet, I instead broke out some autumnal scented candles and placed them inside the fire box to give the room a cozy fall feeling.
Tate placed himself where he could both enjoy the candle fragrance and add to the visual warm of the scene.
He is so helpful...
Such a relaxing sight....the candle light shed an especially nice glow to his orange fur.

Umm...not so sure about this particular fireplace staging. 
Well, let me view it as Tate substituting for flames inside the fireplace.
Yeah, that's it.
Nice touch.

We did get a bid on having a gas line installed into this fireplace.
With the added cost of additional necessary elements and having a few upcoming expenditures we realized we most likely won't be having the fireplace converted in time for this winter.

We hadn't considered an alternative:
Instead of installing a "gasline" we could install a "feline" instead.
Cat are warm, and instead of a crackling log, we could just look at our purring cat.
If I squinted I could almost pretend that Tate was fire moving over our logs...
I think Tate was quite clever to suggest himself in the role of fire to warm our hearth.
Apparently the scented candles eventually got to be too much for the poor guy.
His glowing eyes got a tad strange...
He was on his back staring at the ceiling for quite awhile.
I know candles often makes one feel mellow, but maybe this candle scent went past mellow and on to totally spaced out.


Vicki said...

Doc and I got a kick out of this! We think a feline-based "fire" would be a nice ecological alternative for your fireplace...and nothing beats the purr of a warm, contented kitty. Tate is purr-fect for this task because of his orange glow.

As for the scent-induced, glowing-eyes, staring-at-the-ceiling coma, ummm...that's a comical side effect that makes purr-fect fodder for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Cat Tale"

Lovella ♥ said...

I can imagine how entertaining he was. He really is a pretty cat!

Your new header photos are perfect for fall. How many more days before it officially begins? Soon. .it must be soon.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You will have us all in the 'fall mode' with posts like this! I'm off to light my 'carrot cake' candle and light the fire.

ellen b. said...

Such fun curious creatures...
Gives new meaning to "curiosity killed the cat"

Anneliese said...

LOL - I was thinking "cat" before seeing the pictures ...(as they were loading) ... she really looks rather odd inside that fireplace ... I just want to tell her to come out.

Sara Lorayne said...

It's very tiring trying to be the flames in a fire place you know! He's a character, that Tate.