Wednesday, August 03, 2011

On being a former pacifist

Our cat Frenchie spent the night at the vets last night.

I'll let her explain the situation:

You know that place in the Bible where Jesus say "Turn the other cheek"?

Well the other day the cat up the street Missy came through my yard and when I told him/her to leave, he/she just didn't.

I got up a little closer to him/her and made my point again.

When his/her claws came out and my face got a smack, I decided to "turn the other cheek" and run.

Apparently Missy isn't a good Christian.

He/she nailed me on my "other" cheek too.
The last few days I've been feeling pretty low, and my fur has been falling out 'cuz I have had a fever.
Jill noticed that I was swelling around the base of my tail too.

Jill and Bernie finally took me to see the vet.

The vet's nurse understood what had happened to me.
As she put it: "You turned the other cheek and that one got bit too, didn't it?"

I think this pacifist thing is for the birds.

At least for us cat types.
Turn the other cheek, my butt!

We'll be picking Frenchie up from the vet this morning. She had to be put under so the vet could clean out her abscess, and give her an injection of antibiotics.
I'm sure I will be writing a check that will have at least three numbers in front of the dot.
Looks like Missy managed to take a chunk out of us too, money wise.

PS: Special Happy Birthday greeting to Cessa, my grandgirlie cat, from us and all the cats here!
Can't believe you are already TWO years old!


Lucy said...

Ohhhhhh....poor baby. She looks so much like Hank. We really ought to set them up. I don't know about Frenchie but Hank is minus a few things he's probably want. Well, he does have his claws. He got me good this morning when we were "playing". I need to give him a manicure.

Vee said...

Hope that Frenchie takes no guff the next time. ☺ Once heard a pastor say that if a bulldozer was at his door, he'd not stop it. Now that doesn't seem very Christian to me. In fact, it seems quite the opposite when one is teaching people, er, cats, to behave that way.

Vicki said...

Oh, poor Frenchie! I hope she (and your bank account) recover quickly. Shame on Missy!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your post title says it all! I'm looking forward to 'chapter two' in the Frenchie/Missy saga.

ellen b. said...

Ouch, poor Frenchie. I hope those numbers aren't too high...

Kathy said... are so funny Jill!