Friday, July 22, 2011

North v South Lavender Field Smack-down!

After all the amazing swoon worthy Washington lavender festival sights of last week, I had to wonder how the sole Utah lavender field/farm would fare in a "smack-down".
Point goes to Washington for the Purple Haze sign, and the free bouquets for military sign.

Extended garden area?
Point goes to Washington for the Soile Lavender farm.

Fun stuff to do beside see lavender?
Point goes to Utah for paddle boats, rock climbing walls and huge gazebo for parties.

Enhancement of environment: I'm giving them a tie.

While the ocean views of the Washington fields were gorgeous, I know this field was backed by snow capped mountains earlier in July.

Roads leading to fields: Point goes to Washington with its wavy roadways and interesting extra views like eagles nests and light houses.

Density of purple color: Tie.

Lavender varieties: P0int goes to Washington.
Utah just had other colors or varieties.

Walking through field ease: Point goes to Utah. No need to fear bees as the bushes were only about 18 inches high.

Best use of red accent: Point to Washington for the brilliant red poppy side plantings.

Breezes to spread lavender scent: Point to Washington, and an extra point for having salty sea scented breezes mixing with the lavender.
Low humidity Utah, even at 97 degrees didn't loft the scent very far.

Backdrop drama: Point goes to Utah.
(Unless the drama of storm clouds is included. Washington wins for the day I was visiting; I am willing to bet the thunder heads of Utah would hold its own against Washington's clouds.)

Gift shop: Point to Washington, for the widest variety of culinary lavender usage.

Education center: Point goes to Utah with two rooms with huge wall sized displays about farming, history, usage etc etc.
Educational experience: Point goes to Washington for the farm that labeled each kind of lavender, and provided "Chats with the Farmer" at several farms.

Best Lavender flavored ice cream: Point goes to Utah. Definitely. Their ice cream was super creamy and the perfect amount of sweet lavender flavor and the perfect shade of lavender color too.


Washington 8
Utah 5
Ties 2

Yup, it was totally worth the plane trip to go see the Sequim Lavender Festival.
But if you can't quite make it won't go amiss by catching the Young Living Lavender Festival the first weekend in July.
I missed the actual festival...but the lavender experience on July 22 was pretty sweet too for being just an hour and a half from SLC.
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Vee said...

Interesting comparing and contrasting going on here. What does Washington get for winning?

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That lavender ice cream does look delicious...I love the color. I had some very excellent lavender ice cream at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington last August...but it was the color of vanilla ice cream.

Just think how many fields are painted in beautiful shades of lavender all over the world this time of the year! Amazing!

ellen b. said...

Glad you got some more lavender ice cream and it was better! Fun comparisons...

Vicki said...

I enjoyed this comparison! The lavender ice cream looks so yummy, and I love that color.

Jeanine Ly said...

Are these pictures from both Washington and Utah lavender fields or just Utah?