Friday, June 03, 2011

Update on Bernie's foot

A "brief" update on Bernie's foot:

As you may recall, Bernie recently had a terrible bout with a foot ailment. He visited the doctor about his painful foot situation shortly after we returned from our disastrous San Diego vacation.
You may also recall the rather vague diagnoses that he received concerning his situation.   The doctor narrowed the problem down to being either celluitis, gout or a perhaps even a spider bite. 

Bernie was advised to wait and see if he would suffer another hurt filled episode, then at that time the doctor would take another look at the foot.

Well, Bernie had to fly to visit his corporate office in Greenville South Carolina this past Monday.   He flew home again on Wednesday evening; it was a long flight but he and his foot both came home in fine shape.

The Greenville office staff had heard about his foot problem and being gracious Southerners all, they felt that a "Get Well" gift was still in order.

When he walked in to his office back there, sitting on his desk was the gift bag pictured above.

Go ahead...guess what they gave him.

No, really...take your best shot.  What would you give someone in Bernie's situation?

There.  I was right.  I knew you would guess.

See what he got?

Keep scrolling....

I told you it would be a brief update!

As Bernie's wife, I just wanted to take a moment and thank the Greenville office staff for their thoughtful kindness to my beleaguered husband.

(And by staff, I mean you Tim by the way...and I have made Bernie promise to wear his own seersucker suit on his next visit to corporate.  Don't you listen to the folks that teased you about your classic taste in summer suiting.  Truth is, smart classy women totally dig men in seersucker suits.)

Thank you also for giving me such a timely underpants item to blog for my first post fifth blogging anniversary blog. 

And fear not...Bernie does NOT and will not have a twitter account for picture sharing usage. 

Tate:  Would women think I was even cuter if I wore a seersucker collar perhaps?

Me: Oh Tate...I think you are cute overload already, but I will check to see if I can find one for you anyway.


Vicki said...

WHOOOOBOY!!! I'm rolling in the floor over this one! Ahem. Did Bernie model them for you? ;)

ellen b. said...

Love an office that knows how to have some fun...
Please no twittering!!
Glad to hear his foot maybe there and back without incident.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read Bernie and his foot traveled well. Nice to read his co-workers were so very thoughtful, fun too. Happy 5yr. blog anniversary. Love to you both, mom S.

Lovella ♥ said...

I confess. ..I was thinking of comfy flip flops. ..oh what a conservative little Mennonite I am.

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! (please no modeling pics.)~your daughter

Anonymous said...

Cessa would like to see them on Tate please. She adds, "Purrrrrow?"

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

OK, well I'm just glad to know that kidding around and laughter abounded! Laughter is healing, you know.