Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life changing!

We joked about it all weekend: Seeing these HUGE strawberries was a life changing experience.
Who knew strawberries could ever grow this big?

(That is my decidedly not petite hand holding the strawberry in the picture above.)

Gail had purchased the berries just before I arrived; we both marvelled at the size of all the berries.
The big question: would they be sweet and juicy?

We tasted, using the green caps as handles. 
Hurrah!  Each bite was juicy and flavorful.

And even more fun: I discovered that when the green caps were removed, the opening inside the berry was found to be finger sized.
My years of sticking olives on my fingers at dinner had prepared me for this moment.
I slipped my finger inside and we both grinned like children at the silliness.

In case you are wondering where Gail found these "life changing" sized berries...the brand is pictured above and she purchased them at her Colorado Springs C*stco store.

The berries were destined for more embellishment and fun later.  We got lots of laughs with them the first night of my visit.   It was the first time I had visited Gail's new home and she gave me a tour while I ohh'd and ahh'd over the tile work she had installed and the cozy nest she had created for herself.  An empty nester, she had made the decision to downsize to a two bedroom/two full bath single floor townhouse, and was able to rent out the two story home where she raised her two children. 

The new place even has a view of the Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak.  It is a glowingly happy place for her to live and a very welcoming place for me to visit.

As girlfriends always do, we stayed up late, talking about everything (even though we do call each other about once a week or so...we still had a lot to catch up on), until we both declared we were tired and ready for bed.

I snuggled into the quilt covered guest bed and had no trouble at falling fast asleep.
We had planned out our weekend carefully; I knew the next day would be busy indeed!

To be continued....


Vee said...

Wow. That strawberry is amazing. Wonder if we'll ever see one that size in my corner. You made me smile with that big old strawberry stuck on your finger. Bet a serving size is half a strawberry. :D

ellen b. said...

Cover those berries in chocolate quick! They are humungous for sure. That's the only thing I ever wanted to do with olives was to put them on my fingers. I didn't like to eat them at all. Now strawberries are another story...

Dolores said...

That's hilarious. Leads one to wonder what the biggest strawberry ever looks/ed like. I'm glad they tasted good. Have you got a photo of the quilt you slept under?

Pondside said...

It sounds like you and your friend are having a perfect visit - enough silliness is a very necessary part of such a visit! I'm with Ellen - get out a vat of chocolate for those giants!

Vicki said...

I doubt that I've ever seen such huge strawberries! I'm so glad you two had such fun this weekend! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I thought the strawberries would be from Texas...where everything is always bigger and better!

I can picture the view...Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak. Nice.